Zhang ‘Paparazi灬’ Chengjun is the current carry player for Vici Gaming.


Early Career 

‘Paparazi灬’s Dota 2 career began in 2015, when he joined Team FanTuan. This team mostly played in qualifiers, but when they failed to qualify for The Shanghai Major by finishing 5th/10th, ‘Paparazi灬’ left the team to join Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming

‘Paparazi灬’ joined iG in time for MDL 2015 Winter Qualifiers, but they unfortunately placed 5th/6th. Shortly after this, ‘Paparazi灬’s squad played under the name iG Vitaly due to reshuffles within the organisation. iG Vitaly mostly competed in qualifiers and had little luck at any event. It wasn’t until the Summer of 2016 when the team won the Pro Gamer League Qualifier and managed to go on and finish 3rd.

This marked a transition to a more successful period for the team, as they began to win some qualifiers, including the World Cyber Arena Qualifiers and The Boston Major Qualifiers. At the main events for these tournaments, the team placed 1st and 9th/16th demonstrating that the team was highly inconsistent with their results. They later qualified for The Kiev Major and The International 2017, but once again the team received poor results as they placed 9th/16th and 13th/16th respectively. Following their result at The International 2017, ‘Paparazi灬’ moved to Vici Gaming.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming had a slow start but the team won several Qualifiers and towards the end of the year they began to place highly at almost every event they attended. This trend continued into 2018 and established the team as one of the strongest teams on the pro scene.

International tournaments

‘Paparazi灬’ has helped iG Vitaly place highly at several events, most notably including a 2nd place finish at Dota2 Professional League Season 2 – Top and 1st at World Cyber Arena. He also helped them make it to The International 2017, where they unfortunately only managed to place 13th/16th. He has helped Vici Gaming place 2nd at a number of prestigious events including ESL One Katowice 2018, Captains Draft 4.0, Perfect World Masters and AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League.