PawN Domestic Career


Go “PawN” Dong-bin began his LoL career under the name Wonseok. Back then, he was playing for MiG Blaze in 2013 HOT6iX Champions Summer. His team struggled in the group stage, failing to overcome KT Bullets and CJ Forst to advance to the playoffs.

In the off-season, he left the organization to play for Samsung Blue (SSB). PawN made his presence known when he solo killed Faker in the 2013 World Cyber Games Qualifiers. With that, SSB knocked SKT T1 out of the tournament and advanced to the finals where they suffered a narrow loss to CJ Blaze.


Samsung Blue came back for 2013-2014 PANDORA.TV Champions Winter. They made it out of the group stage with a 0-3-0 record (wins-ties-losses), but the playoffs had them crumbling in the first series against SKT T1 K.

Shortly thereafter, Samsung Blue traded PawN to their sister team, Samsung Ozone. But prior to playing with his new team, PawN showed up at the 2014 LoL Masters event as a part of the Samsung squad. With his help, Samsung advanced to the playoffs and defeated CJ Entus and SKT T1 to claim the trophy.

PawN finally got the chance to play with Samsung Ozone in 2014 HOT6iX Champions Spring. They had a strong showing in the group stage, defeating Jin Air Falcons, Najin Black Sword, and KT Bullets to qualify for the playoffs. There, they dismantled SKT T1 K before falling prey to their sister team, Samsung Blue.

After the tournament, Samsung Ozone rebranded as Samsung White. They entered 2014 HOT6iX Champions Summer with new vigor and topped their group with an impressive 2-1-0 record. In the Quarterfinals, they defeated SKT T1 K with a 3-1 score and prepared for a deep playoff run. But once again, Samsung Blue proved to be their kryptonite. And so, after suffering another crushing defeat, SSW were knocked down to the Regional Finals. Still, they regained their composure and qualified for Worlds with a 3-0 victory over SKT T1 K.


In the off-season, PawN parted ways with Samsung to play for EDward Gaming (EDG) in the LPL. EDG put on a clinic in the 2015 Spring Split. With a 17-4-1 record, they finished the regular season in first place and earned a bye to the Semifinals. There, they crushed Invictus Gaming before winning a close series against LGD to claim the trophy.

At the same time, they also attended the 2015 Demacia Cup Spring. EDG asserted their dominance and finished first without dropping a single game. Meanwhile, their performance in the LPL, EDG earned an invitation to the 2015 MSI.

EDG continued their winning streak in the 2015 LPL Summer Split. With a massive 14-6-2 record in the regular season, they seemed poised to take over the competition. But inexplicably, they faltered in the Semifinals against LGD, losing the series with a 0-3 score. In the third-place match, EDG suffered another defeat at the hand of Invictus Gaming.

With that, they had to go through the Regional Finals. Fortunately, EDG stepped up their game and qualified for Worlds with a revenge win over Invictus Gaming. During the same timeframe, EDG participated in the 2015 Demacia Cup Summer. Once again, they had a strong showing at the event and 3-0’d OMG in the finals to claim another trophy.


However, EDG ran out of steam in the 2016 LPL Spring Split. Even though they still produced a great 12-4 record, they finished their group in second place, one win behind RNG. A similar story took place in the playoffs. And while EDG made it all the way to the finals, they suffered a 1-3 defeat at the hand of RNG.

In summer, PawN couldn’t play much due to a back injury, and EDG were forced to use substitute mid laners. Still, he took part in the 2016 Demacia Cup and became one of the factors behind EDG’s victory at the event. And while he only played 5 games in summer, his team produced a stellar 16-0 groups record and qualified for the playoffs. In the Semifinals, EDG defeated Team WE with a 3-2 score and qualified for Worlds with a one-sided finals victory over RNG.


The off-season had PawN leaving EDG to play for KT Rolster in South Korea. Despite their stacked lineup, KT had a haphazard showing in the 2017 LCK Spring Split. Even so, they managed to secure a 12-6 record as well as a third-place finish in the regular season. In the playoffs, KT dismantled MVP and Samsung Galaxy to advance to the finals. There, they suffered a devastating 0-3 loss at the hand of SKT T1.

They came back even stronger in summer. With a 14-4 regular season record, KT got a bye to the Semifinals. But suddenly, they faltered and lost the following series against SKT T1 with a 2-3 score. Of course, they could still make it to Worlds through the Gauntlet.  But even though they were seeded directly to the finals, KT fell to the resurging Samsung Galaxy lineup.

In the off-season, KT took part in the 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup. They dominated the playoffs with back-to-back wins against Ever8 Winners and Samsung Galaxy. In the finals, they clashed with Longzhu Gaming. The series came down to the wire, but in the end, KT clinched a narrow 3-2 victory.

PawN International Tournaments


On Samsung White, PawN attended his first international tournament, the 2014 World Championship. SSW breezed through the group stage with a 6-0 record. In the playoffs, they scored back-to-back victories against TSM and Samsung Blue. And while they did drop a game to Star Horn Royal Club in the finals, SSW sealed the deal with a confident 3-1 victory. That performance went down in history as the most dominant World Championship run to date.


On EDG, PawN went to the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. They finished the group stage in second place, a single win behind the tournament favorites, SKT T1. In the Semifinals, EDG picked up the slack and 3-0’d AHQ. They reached their peak in the finals and took down SKT T1 in a close 3-2 series.

He also participated in the 2015 World Championship. With PawN’s help, EDG secured the second seed in the group stage, but the Quarterfinals had them clashing with the dominant Fnatic lineup. After falling 0-3 to the EU LCS champions, EDG were eliminated from the competition.


PawN then attended the 2016 World Championship. In spite of his health issues, he played in four group stage games and helped EDG qualify for the playoffs. Still, he couldn’t be there in the Quarterfinals when EDG lost 1-3 to ROX Tigers.