Johan ‘pieliedie’ Åström currently plays as a support for Fnatic. He has played in several successful teams over the years including Team Secret, Cloud9 and Kaipi.


Early Career

‘pieliedie’s career began through DotA. He played on several high tier teams and participated in DreamHack Summer 2009 after already having had played for several years. In 2012, he transitioned to Dota 2 and shortly thereafter was invited to play with Kaipi. Kaipi’s debut tournament was GosuLeague Season 4, which they placed 2nd at. However, overall the team weren’t very successful, as they rarely managed to place highly at tournaments and were frequently knocked out of qualifiers. Perhaps their greatest achievement was 2nd at The Defense Season 4. Kaipi were later signed by RaTtLeSnAkE. Before long the team changed their name to Speed Gaming.

Speed Gaming/Cloud9

Now with sponsorship, the team performed a lot better on average and began to place highly at events. They won the MLG Championship Columbus and placed 2nd at the Dota 2 Champions League Season 1. However, in early 2014, the entire Speed Gaming squad left their sponsorship and instead moved to Cloud9. The team quickly rose to fame through a series of tournaments where they at least finished in the top half. Cloud9 placed 2nd at Dota 2 Champions League Season 2 and DreamLeague Season 1.

The team were widely recognised as one of the strongest teams on the scene, and although they failed to win any prestigious event, they consistently placed highly. At The International 2014. Cloud9 placed 5th/6th. ‘pieliedie’ remained with the team until the end of 2014, after the team placed 5th/6th at Dota Pit League Season 2. Although he was still contractually bound to Cloud9, he was replaced and appeared in two other teams for the next few months; MeePwn’d and Team Tinker.


While MeePwn’d failed to achieve any successful results, Team Tinker managed to make it through the qualifiers for StarLadder StarSeries Season 12. There, they placed 4th, ironically getting knocked out by Cloud9, while still being officially bound to them. Following this, the team were signed by mousesports. Unfortunately, the team were quite unsuccessful. They failed to qualify for The International 2015 and placed 7th/8th at both JoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 and Dota Pit League Season 3. Their sponsorship did not last long in the end, and mousesports released their squad after only 2 months.

Team Secret

‘pieliedie’ was picked up by Team Secret in the post TI5 roster shuffles. They quickly became successful after winning MLG World Finals and coming 2nd at both ESL One New York and The Frankfurt Major. Team Secret were quite inconsistent with their results however, as indicated by a range of results such as 5th/6th place finishes at several events, 1st at The Shanghai Major and 13th/16th at The Manila Major. This inconsistency continued through the 2nd half of 2016 and into 2017, as Team Secret placed highly at almost every event except for The International 2016 and The Kiev Major, where they placed last both times. After their joint last finish at The Kiev Major, ‘pieliedie’ was replaced by YapzOr and he was acquired by Team NP.

Team NP

‘pieliedie’s new team were quite successful and placed highly at three premier events and later qualifying for The International 2017. They were signed by Cloud9 shortly before the main event, but after a 13th/16th place, the full squad were released. ‘pieliedie’ along with ‘EternaLEnVy’ then moved to Fnatic.


Fnatic had a shaky start following The International 2017. They qualified for most of the major events, but failed to place highly. At both ESL One Hamburg and DreamLeague Season 8, they placed 7th/8th. More recently, they placed 2nd at DOTA Summit 8 and 4th at ESL One Katowice despite failing to qualify for several events. Overall, they are somewhat inconsistent in their performances.

International tournaments

‘pieliedie’ has achieved several incredible results with Team Secret. Among many others, he placed 1st at The Shanghai Major, Nanyang Dota 2 Championships and MLG World Finals. He also achieved 2nd at The Frankfurt Major. However, his highest result at any of The Internationals, is a 5th/6th place with Cloud9.