Pobelter Domestic Career


Eugene “Pobelter” Park started his career as a top laner on unRestricted eSports. He later joined Team Curse, but since he wasn’t old enough to move to the gaming house, he had to part ways with the organization. Afterward, Pobelted swapped to mid lane and went to Meat Playground. The team attended several tournaments, although its only notable domestic showings happened at the #9 Team SoloMid Invitational (third-place finish) and #3 IPL 5 North American Qualifier (first-place finish).


When Riot Games introduced age restrictions for the upcoming NA LCS, Pobelter left the team to join Curse Academy. He spent the entirety of 2013 playing for Curse Academy and other challenger teams. By the end of the year, Curse announced that Pobelter will be joining their NA LCS lineup. However, the fact that he was still attending school forced the organization to release him six days after the announcement.


In the off-season, Pobelter joined Evil Geniuses (EG) for the 2014 NA LCS Spring Promotion tournament. They performed well against To Be Determined, scoring a confident 3-0 victory and qualifying for the next split.  However, EG went through their fair share of hardships in spring. With an abysmal 8-20 record, they finished the regular season in seventh place, which meant they had to play in another Promotion Tournament. There, they took down Cloud9 Tempest, with a 3-1 score to remain in the NA LCS.

But the 2014 NA LCS Summer Split didn’t bring them any solace. Once again, EG were the bottom feeders, and their 11-17 run resulted in their third consecutive Promotion Tournament. EG went against Team Coast and managed to preserve their LCS spot with a confident 3-0 victory.


Afterward, the organization rebranded as Winterfox. A new name came with several roster changes, but that wasn’t enough to turn around their bad luck. Winterfox struggled in the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split. And their eighth-place finish meant they had to fight for their slot in the Promotion Tournament once again. This time, though, they went against Team Dragon Knights and lost to them with a 1-3 score. They were officially out of the NA LCS.

Pobelter left Winterfox to share playtime with Huhi on CLG. However, he ended up starting in every single game in the 2015 Summer Split. With his help, CLG had one of their most dominant splits to date, and their 13-5 record secured them a bye to the Semifinals. In the playoffs, CLG dismantled Team Impulse and went on to crush TSM, securing their first NA LCS trophy. This also earned them an invitation to the 2015 World Championship.


However, CLG’s decisions to give more playtime to Huhi caused Pobelter to leave the organization for Immortals. His new team took over the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split, going on a massive 32-game winning streak over the first six weeks of the competition. But Immortals didn’t live up to their name and fell to CLG in week 7.

Still, they had a 17-1 record, so they entered the Semifinals against TSM as strong favorites. But a sudden 3-0 upset spelled an end to Immortals’ dominance. They regained their composure for the third place match and scored a win against Team Liquid, but this was still an underwhelming result for such a promising lineup.

Immortals entered the 2016 Summer Split with the same roster. They ended the regular season with a 16-2 record, one win behind the resurging TSM lineup. They had high hopes for the playoffs, but a 2-3 loss to Cloud9 in the Semifinals forced them into a third place match. And even though they won a 5-game series against CLG, they didn’t have enough Circuit Points to qualify for Worlds. They had another chance in the Regional Finals, but a swift 1-3 loss to Cloud9 sealed their fate.


In the off-season, Pobelter was the only player to remain on the team. Understandably, this led to a very shaky 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, and he struggled to adjust to his new teammates. Immortals finished the regular season in seventh place, narrowly missing out on the playoffs.

But a single roster change was all it took for Immortals to make their comeback. They went on a roll in summer, producing a 14-4 record and tying with TSM for first place. In the playoffs, they scored a confident 3-0 against CLG. And while they fell to TSM in the finals, this showing was more than enough to earn a ticket to Worlds.  Over the course of his career, Pobelter became known as one of the few North American mid laners that could keep up with the international competition. He doesn’t take many risks in the laning phase, although he makes up for this lull by performing in teamfights and executing well-timed roams.


When Immortals weren’t accepted into the franchising system, Pobelter joined Team Liquid.

Pobelter International Tournaments


On Meat Playground, Pobelter took part in his first international tournament, the IPL 5. Meat Playground went 0-2 in the group stage and were instantly knocked down to the loser’s bracket. There, they defeated Team FeaR before falling to Moscow Five in the following match.


On CLG, Pobelter went to the 2015 World Championship. His team had a strong start with back-to-back victories against Flash Wolves and paiN Gaming, but they quickly lost steam and couldn’t secure any more wins. In the end, their 2-4 record wasn’t enough to advance from the group stage.


On Immortals, Pobelter attended the IEM Season 11 Gyeonggi event. His team scored a win against J Team in the group stage before falling 0-2 to Samsung Galaxy. In the loser’s bracket, they defeated J Team once again to qualify for the playoffs. But this was the end of the line for them as they lost to Kongdoo Monster in the Semifinals.


Pobelter also went to the 2017 World Championship. Immortals showed a lot of promise after going 2-1 during the first week of the competition. But ultimately, they were unable to keep the momentum going, and they were knocked out of the tournament with a 2-4 record.