PowerOfEvil Domestic Career


Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage began his LoL career by joining Team Mistral as a mid laner. But he didn’t play any notable games for them and quickly left to join EYES ON U. Together with his new teammates, PowerOfEvil defeated Unicorns of Love (UOL) to qualify for the 2014 EU CS Spring Series #1. Even so, their run came to an end due to a loss to MeetYourMakers in the Quarterfinals.

Afterward, PowerOfEvil went to Planetkey Dynamics. His team played in the ESL Pro Series, but despite the initial success, they had to forfeit their playoffs games. At the same time, PowerOfEvil played for Unicorns of Love (UOL) in the European Challenger Series. UOL took part in the 2014 EU CS Summer Series #1 where they fell to Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP). PowerOfEvil briefly left the team before rejoining them to start in the playoffs.

They kicked off the tournament with a 2-1 victory over Gamers2. And while they lost in the following round against H2K, UOL managed to bounce back in the third place match versus NiP. This result was enough to qualify for the Promotion Tournament where Unicorns took down Millenium to qualify for the EU LCS.


In the 2015 Spring Split, UOL found themselves in the middle of the EU LCS table. Still, their 9-9 record was enough to advance to the playoffs. There, Unicorns had a sudden resurgence and proceeded to defeat Gambit Gaming and SK Gaming to qualify for the finals against Fnatic. The series came down to the wire, but ultimately, UOL were unable to clinch the win. Still, a silver medal was a very respectable result.

PowerOfEvil stayed on the team in summer. Once again, UOL had a rough time in the regular season, but in this case, they couldn’t regain their composure for the playoffs. And despite a Quarterfinals victory against Team ROCCAT, their back-to-back losses to Fnatic and H2K knocked them out of the competition. Of course, they could run it back in the Regional Finals. But a 0-3 defeat against Origen put an end to their ambitions.


In the off-season, PowerOfEvil joined the team that bested him last season. He joined Origen. But despite his best efforts, he couldn’t fill the shoes of the team’s previous mid laner, xPeke. Origen had a shaky showing in the 2016 Spring Split, and while they still made it to the finals, they ended up losing 1-3 to G2 Esports.

In summer, they had to part ways with the bot lane of Zven and Mithy. The loss took its toll, and a string of losses brought Origen down to a ninth-place finish. This forced them to fight in the Promotion Tournament. And while they managed to defeat Misfits and retain their EU LCS slot, it was by the skin of their teeth.


After such a disappointing showing, PowerOfEvil left the team to join Misfits. The team made a statement in the beginning of the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split but faltered during the second half of the competition. Misfits still managed to qualify for the playoffs where they defeated Splyce with a 2-3 score. But the following losses to Unicorns of Love and Fnatic knocked them down to a fourth-place finish.

In summer, Misfits returned with a new jungler, Maxlore. At first, they had a hard time making anything happen, but fortunately, they’ve figured out their playstyle just in time for the playoffs. Misfits proceeded to 3-0 UOL and upset Fnatic. And even though they fell to G2 Esports in the finals, this showing was enough to qualify for Worlds.

During this time, PowerOfEvil made a name for himself as a capable mid laner. He was rarely the shining star of his teams, but his mixture of unorthodox playstyle and solid teamfighting made him a force to be reckoned with.


After returning from the 2017 World Championship, PowerOfEvil joined OpTic Gaming in the 2018 NA LCS season.

PowerOfEvil International Tournaments


PowerOfEvil attended his first international tournament—IEM Season 9 San Jose—as a part of Unicorns of Love. The EU LCS newcomers had a surprisingly strong showing, defeating Lyon Gaming and Team SoloMid in their first matches. In the finals, UOL clashed with Cloud9, losing to them with a 0-3 score.


On Origen, PowerOfEvil went to IEM Season 10 San Jose. They dismantled TSM and CLG without dropping a single game, giving PowerOfEvil his first competitive trophy.


But they couldn’t keep the momentum going at the IEM Season 10 World Championship. In the first round of the group stage, they lost to RNG and were knocked down to the loser’s bracket. And while they fought back against TSM, the 1-2 loss put an end to their run.


On Misfits, PowerOfEvil went to the 2017 World Championship. They entered the tournament as underdogs, but they defied all expectations by taking down TSM and Flash Wolves to qualify for the playoffs. In the Quarterfinals, they clashed with SKT T1. And while many expected them to lose in a one-sided fashion, Misfits challenged the Korean powerhouse in a close 5-game series. Still, a 2-3 loss knocked them out of the competition.