PraY Domestic Career


Kim “PraY” Jong-in began his LoL career on Najin Sword. At the time, he played under the name Troll Kim in 2012 Azubu Champions Summer. Sword had a decent showing in the group stage and qualified for the playoffs with a 2-1 record. They kicked off their run with a 2-0 victory over Startale, but the subsequent series against CLG.EU ended in a 1-3 defeat.

Still, Najin Sword earned enough Circuit Points to enter the Regional Finals. There, they scored back-to-back victories against Incredible Miracle, Xenics Storm, and Azubu Blaze to punch their ticket to Worlds.


Sword also took part in 2012-2013 OLYMPUS Champions Winter. Their groups showing wasn’t the best, but they picked up the slack by crushing MVP White and KT B in the playoffs. And while Azubu Frost tried to challenge them in the finals, Sword sealed the deal with a confident 3-0 victory.

Inexplicably, Sword faltered in 2013 OLYMPUS Champions Spring. With a 1-2-2 record (wins-ties-losses), they barely made it out of the group stage only to fall prey to CJ Frost in the Quarterfinals. They rebranded as Najin Black Sword for summer. But a new name didn’t turn around their bad luck, and for the first time in a while, they failed to break into the playoffs. Fortunately, they had enough Circuit Points to qualify for the 2013 World Championship.


Black Sword attempted to make their comeback at 2013-2014 PANDORA.TV Champions Winter, but just like before, they finished their group in last place. A similar narrative unfolded at the 2014 LoL Masters event, and Najin fell in the first series against CJ Entus.

Black Sword tried one last time at 2014 HOT6iX Champions Spring. But once again, they had a middling showing in the group stage and couldn’t advance to the playoffs. In the off-season, PraY left the team and took a break from competitive play. He returned as a part of the up-and-coming HUYA Tigers lineup.


HUYA made their presence known in the 2015 Champions Spring Qualifiers. For the first time in a while, PraY found success in the group stage, and Tigers qualified for 2015 SBENU Champions Spring. Afterward, they rebranded as GE Tigers.

In spite of their underdog status, GE took over the competition. With a massive 12-2 record, they secured a first-place regular season finish and automatically advanced to the finals. This was the end of thel line for them, though, as they suffered a 0-3 defeat at the hand of SKT T1.

Then, they changed their name to KOO Tigers. KOO went through some struggles in 2015 SBENU Champions Summer. Still, their 11-7 record was enough to secure a fourth-place finish, and they kicked off their playoffs run with back-to-back victories over Najin e-mFire and CJ Entus. However, KT Rolster put a stop to their momentum by defeating them 3-2 in the Semifinals. Luckily, KOO collected enough Circuit Points to get invited to Worlds.


In spite of their competitive success, they couldn’t secure any sponsorships. As a result, they ditched the “KOO” part and entered the 2015 KeSPA Cup under the name Tigers. Their run came to an abrupt end when they lost 0-2 to SBENU Sonicboom. For the 2016 LCK Spring Split, they rebranded as ROX Tigers. ROX took over the regular season, producing a 16-2 record and securing a bye to the last round of the playoffs. Unfortunately, the resurging SKT T1 lineup put an end to their dominance, and Tigers lost the final with a 1-3 score.

ROX came back with a vengeance in summer. Once again, they towered above the competition with a massive 15-3 record. And while KT Rolster tried to challenge them in the finals, it was ROX Tigers that came out with a 3-2 victory. With that, they qualified for another World Championship.

ROX Tigers also went to the 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup. They breezed through the competition, defeating the likes of Jin Air, SKT T1, and Kongdoo Monster to secure the trophy. But while they enjoyed competitive success, the lack of sponsorships continued to haunt them. The entire lineup was forced to disband in the off-season, and PraY signed with Longzhu Gaming.


Longzhu had a hectic showing in the 2017 LCK Spring Split. Despite their stacked roster, they struggled to put all the pieces together, and their 8-10 record wasn’t enough to break into the playoffs. Longzhu made a number of roster changes for the 2017 LCK Summer Split. The new lineup clicked and showed up with a massive 14-4 record. With that, they secured a bye to the playoffs finals where they took down SKT T1 with a 3-1 score.

Longzhu also made their presence known at the 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup. There, they defeated Jin Air and SKT T1 to challenge KT Rolster in the finals. The series was incredibly fierce, but in the end, KT came up with a narrow 3-2 victory, and Longzhu walked away with the silver medal.


Afterward, the entire Longzhu lineup was acquired by Kingzone DragonX.

PraY International Tournaments


On Najin Sword, PraY went to his first international tournament, the 2012 World Championship. Sword topped their group with a 3-0 record and advanced to the knockout stage. Unfortunately, their first series against Taipei Assassins ended with a 0-2 loss.

They were later invited to the 2012 MLG Fall. Sword asserted their dominance by dismantling CLG Prime, TSM, and Azubu Blaze to reach the finals. However, Blaze came back through the loser’s bracket and exacted their revenge by defeating Sword in two consecutive Bo3s. With that, PraY had to settle for the silver medal.


When his team rebranded as Najin Black Sword, PraY attended the 2013 World Championship. They came into the tournament after an abysmal domestic showing, but surprisingly enough, they went 2-1 in the first match against Gambit Gaming. And even though they fell 2-3 in the Semifinals against SKT T1, there was no shame in losing a close series against the future world champions.


On GE Tigers, PraY attended the IEM Season 9 World Championship. Tigers breezed through the group stage with back-to-back victories against Cloud9 and SK Gaming. They looked set to take the entire tournament, but inexplicably, they went 1-2 in their Quarterfinals match against Team WE.

On KOO Tigers, PraY took part in the 2015 World Championship. KOO had a slow start at the tournament, and their 4-2 group stage record left a lot to be desired. They picked up the slack in the playoffs, dismantling the likes of KT Rolster and Fnatic to advance to the finals. There, they clashed with SKT T1. And while they put up a great fight, KOO lost that series with a 1-3 score.


On ROX Tigers, he attended the 2016 World Championship. Because of their LCK victory, ROX entered the competition as the clear-cut favorites. They certainly lived up to the expectations when they came first in the group stage and proceeded to dismantle EDG in the Quarterfinals. However, the Semifinals had them squaring off against SKT T1. Two LCK powerhouses fought in a fierce Bo5, and while ROX Tigers got the short end of the stick, this battle went down in history as the best match of the event.


On Longzhu Gaming, PraY made his presence known at the 2017 World Championship. With a flawless 6-0 group stage record, Longzhu looked so dominant that many proclaimed them  as the best team at the tournament. However, the holes in their macro were exposed in the Quarterfinals series against Samsung Galaxy, and Longzhu suffered a 0-3 defeat. With that, they were eliminated from the event.