Fu ‘Q’ Bin is the current captain and support player for Invictus Gaming.


Early Career

‘Q’s career began in 2013 through DotA. He initially played on the team Greedy along with several other famous Chinese players. In 2014, ‘Q’ transitioned to Dota 2 and joined TongFu.WanZhou. The team had very little success and ‘Q’ hadn’t played with them for long before he left to join LGD.CDEC. This team was a lot more successful – they managed to place 7th/8th at World E-sport Championships 2014 and 5th/8th at i-League Season 1.

CDEC Gaming

In October of 2014, the LGD.CDEC squad left the sponsorship of LGD and formed their own organization. This team became known as CDEC Gaming. Initially, CDEC Gaming’s success was limited, although they managed to place in the top half of most events they attended. Although they failed to win any events in 2015 leading up to The International, they had placed 2nd at G-League and ECL Dota 2 Spring.

Earlier in 2015 they had placed 13th/16th at Dota 2 Asia Championships, They failed to receive a direct invitation to The International, but after making their way through the Qualifiers, the team managed to place 2nd at the main event to most people’s surprise. In the remainder of 2015, the team consistently placed in the top half of any tournaments with one exception, The Summit 4 Qualifiers. Most notably, they managed to achieve 5th/6th at The Frankfurt Major and 3rd/4th at MLG World Finals and ESL One New York.

2016 was a very unfortunate year for the team however. They welcomed it with a 13th/16th place finish at The Shanghai Major and for the many months that followed failed to qualify for almost every event they entered. This culminated in a 6th/10th place at The International 2016 Qualifiers. A month later they placed 2nd at Pro Gamer League 2016, but following their failure to qualify for The International, ‘Q’ left CDEC Gaming to join Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming

For the remainder of 2016, Invictus Gaming achieved very little success and failed to qualify for several events including The Summit 6 and The Boston Major. In 2017, their performance increased drastically however. By the time The International 2017 had come around, the team had achieved 3rd/4th at The Kiev Major and 1st at Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017. Then at The International, IG placed 5th/6th. Unfortunately, the team has had almost no success at any events since then.

International tournaments

Arguably ‘Q’s greatest achievement was 2nd at The International 2015. He has participated in The Frankfurt Major 2015 and The Kiev Major 2017 where he placed 5th/6th and 3rd/4th respectively. In addition, he attended The International 2017 and placed 5th/6th and won the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017.