Raise Domestic Career


Oh “Raise” Ji-hwan began his LoL career on Stardust. Together with his teammates, he participated in the 2016 CK Spring Split. Stardust had a decent showing in the regular season, finishing third with a 7-3-4 record (wins-ties-losses). However, everything went out the window when they lost 2-3 in the first playoffs series against Ever8 Winners.

After such a disappointing showing, Raise joined Team ROCCAT in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split. But a new team didn’t turn around his bad luck. ROCCAT struggled to keep up with the competition, and their 2-6-10 record amounted to a last-place finish.

With that, Raise had to play in the Promotion Tournament. Fortunately enough, ROCCAT picked up the slack and took down Millenium in a close 5-game series. And while Schalke 04 tried to challenge them in the following match, ROCCAT used their momentum to score a confident 3-1 victory.


In the off-season, Raise returned to South Korea to play for Jin Air Green Wings. However, he ended up sharing playtime with another jungler, UmTi. And while Raise had several notable showings, Jin Air fielded UmTi for the majority of the 2017 LCK Spring Split. Raise decided to stay with the team for another split. But his dedication wasn’t rewarded, and he only played a single competitive game in summer.


Afterward, he joined Kongdoo Monster to compete in the 2018 LCK Spring Split.

Raise International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Raise didn’t attend any international tournaments