Marc ‘Raven’ Polo Luis Fausto is the current carry player for TNC Pro Team. He previously played under the name of Polo


Early Career

‘Raven’s career began in 2014. He played on several Philippine teams including Click ‘N’ Search, Mineski and MSI-EvoGT. He mostly participated in smaller events and qualifiers and usually placed quite highly at most events, although he failed to win any events until he joined TNC Pro Team in August of 2015.

TNC Pro Team

‘Raven’ helped TNC Pro Team qualify for World Cyber Arena 2015 and achieve 1st place at SEA Dragon Battle Season 3. At WCA, the team placed 5th/8th, beating tiers such as Team Secret and Invictus Gaming. In 2016, the team continued to participate in smaller events and qualifiers; however they managed to achieve much stronger results in general. They placed highly at almost every Qualifier they participated in and even managed to qualify for The International. There, the team put on a good performance and managed to place 7th/8th. This event propelled the team name forwards and into the spotlight, as they had previously struggled to break into the top tier professional scene. Following this, ‘Raven’ along with some his teammates briefly joined Fnatic, before returning to the organisation by the end of the year.

In 2017, the team continued to perform well at qualifiers and more frequently made it to top tier events. Prior to The International 2017, TNC Pro Team qualified for and attended World Electronic Sports Games, StarLadder i-League Invitational and The Kiev Major. At these events, they placed 1st, 2nd and 9th/16th. The team later qualified for The International after winning the Southeast Asia Qualifier; however they disappointingly placed 9th/12th.

The team struggled in the first few months following The International. However towards the end of the year, they began to perform very well, placing 1st or 2nd at almost every qualifier or event they attended. In 2018, they qualified for ESL One Genting, The Bucharest Major and Dota 2 Asia Championships. At these events, the team placed 9th/12th, 5th/8th and 4th. These achievements solidified TNC Pro Team as a top tier team and capable opponents against even the strongest teams.

International tournaments

‘Raven’ has played with TNC Pro Team for most of his professional career and all of his major achievements have been made with them. They placed 7th/8th at The International 2016 and 9th/12th the year after. The team has also won World Electronic Sports Games and China Top 2017.