Reignover Domestic Career


Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin began his LoL career in the HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013 tournament as a part of the Incredible Miracle 1 lineup. Unfortunately, his team went 1-5 in the group stage and couldn’t advance any further. This prompted the organization to move Reignover to the Incredible Miracle 2 team, where he took part in several other events, And while he did pick up some wins along the way, his overall performance earned him a nickname of Gameover. After failing at the 2014 HOT6iX Champions Spring event, Reignover left Incredible Miracle to look for green pastures.


In 2015, he went on to Fnatic in the EU LCS. They had a strong Spring Split, finishing second in the regular season and winning the trophy with back-to-back victories against H2K and UOL. A huge part of their success came from Reignover’s smart pathing and synergy with his top laner, Huni.

But Fnatic’s most dominant showing was in summer. They went on a massive 18-0 winning streak, going undefeated in the regular season. In the playoffs, they 3-0’d Unicorns of Love to clash with Origen in the finals. And even though they dropped their first games of the split, they took the series and secured another EU LCS victory.


In the off-season, Reignover left the team and moved to North America together with Huni. There, they joined Immortals to participate in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split. Reignover had a dominant regular season, going on a 32-game winning streak over the first six weeks of the competition. However, Immortals couldn’t live up to their name on week 7, falling in a series against Counter Logic Gaming. And even though they picked up the slack later, they looked weaker in the second half of the split.

Still, they had a 17-1 record, which meant they entered the Semifinals against TSM as strong favorites. But a sudden 3-0 upset spelled an end to Immortals’ dominance. They managed to regain their composure and defeat Team Liquid in the third place match, but this was a very weak showing for the #1 team of the regular season.

Immortals entered the 2016 Summer Split with the same lineup. This time, they had a powerful rival in the resurging TSM, but their 16-2 record still put them at the very top of the NA LCS ladder. They entered the playoffs with high hopes, but a 2-3 loss to Cloud9 in the Semifinals knocked Immortals down to another third place match. Immortals secured their bronze medal by winning against CLG in a close 5-game series, but that wasn’t enough to qualify for the World Championship.

Of course, they had another shot in the Regional Finals. But despite the fact that Immortals were seeded directly into the finals, they suffered a crushing 1-3 defeat at the hand of Cloud9. Next year, Reignover left Immortals to start for Team Liquid.


For the first time in a while, Reignover was playing without Huni. The lack of a reliable partner affected his playstyle. He still had his incredible sense of patching, but his mechanics were shaky and his ganks were all over the place. As a result, TL ended the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split with a 5-13 record and were forced to defend their spot in the Promotion Tournament. Fortunately, they managed to loan Doublelift from TSM for the event. With his help, they bested eUnited and Gold Coin United in a battle to rejoin the NA LCS.

But the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split brought little change to the struggling lineup. Reignover had a tough time standing up to the competition, and right before week 8, he was subbed out in favor of Dardoch. He didn’t play any games for the remainder of the split.


In the off-season, CLG announced that he’d be joining them in the 2018 Spring Split.

Reignover International Tournaments


On Fnatic, Reignover attended his first international tournament, the 2015 MSI. The team finished the group stage with a shaky 2-3 record. Fortunately, this was enough for them to qualify for the Semifinals against SKT T1. Fnatic put up a fight against the Korean powerhouse but couldn’t close out the series, losing the match with a 2-3 score.

Half a year later, Reignover went to the 2015 World Championship. There, Fanatic defeated AHQ, C9, and IG to top their group and advance to the knockout stage. They crushed EDG 3-0 in the Quarterfinals, but the Semifinals had them in the same one-sided fashion to KOO Tigers.


On Team Liquid, Reignover attended the IEM Season 11 Gyeonggi event. They lost to Giants Gaming in the first round of the group stage but managed to claw their way back through the loser’s bracket by defeating Dark Passage and scoring a revenge win against Giants. Unfortunately, their run came to an end when they lost 0-2 to Samsung Galaxy in the playoffs.