The Ukrainian player Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok is the current carry/core player for OG.


Early Career

‘Resolut1on’s career began early 2013, when he joined the team iCCup. This team was quite successful and managed to come 2nd at the StarLadder StarSeries Season 6. Unfortunately, the team failed to qualify for The International 2013 and after the team changed their name to Terrible Terrible Damage, ‘Resolut1on’ would be picked up Virtus.Pro. ‘Resolut1on’ had previously played in the mid role, but moved over to fulfill the carry role with VP. However, his time with VP was very short, as he would leave after 2 months of disappointing results. Following this, he would join RoX for one month before transferring over to Team Empire.

Team Empire

Team Empire would become a very dominant team between 2014 – 2016. The team had won and placed highly at a number of tournaments leading up to The International 2014, including the Dota 2 Champions League Season 3and the Excellent Moscow Cup. Despite their best efforts at The International, the team placed only placed 13th/14th. Following their disappointingly early departure from The International, Team Empire managed to climb their way back to the top and won or placed highly at several premier events, including 1st place finishes at Dota 2 Champions League Season 5, joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1 and Star Ladder Star Series Season 11.

However, the team once again performed poorly at The International 2015, as they placed 9th/12th. In the months that followed, Team Empire also failed to qualify for the Valve sponsored Frankfurt Major and Shanghai Major. After this string of disappoint, ‘Resolut1on’ left Team Empire to join the North American based team Digital Chaos.

Digital Chaos

Initially, Digital Chaos struggled to qualify for any events. After a few months and some roster changes however, their results would gradually improve as they managed to qualify for a number of events including The Summit 5, The Manila Major, StarLadder i-League and the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships. Unfortunately, the team placed 5th/6th at all of these events except for The Manila Major, where they placed 9th/12th. In a surprising turn of events, Digital Chaos pulled through at The International 2016 and despite having a streak of mediocre results, the team managed to place 2nd at the main event.

Unfortunately, ‘Resolution’s team would not long stay on top. While they did manage to get some decent results in the second half of 2016, by 2017 they had placed 7th/8th at the Dota 2 Pit League Season 5 and at the StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3. Shortly thereafter, ‘Resolut1on’ and his squad would leave Digital Chaos and form Thunderbirds. While they had entered The Kiev Major, the group placed last. Following this, the team managed to qualify for EPICENTER 2017, at which point they were signed by Planet Odd. The squad continued to receive poor results and shortly after failing to qualify for The International 2017, the team completely disbanded.


While ‘Resolut1on’ had failed to qualify for The International 2017 with Planet Odd, Team Empire requested that he act as a stand-in for one of their teammates who had failed to secure a visa in time. With ‘Resolution’s help, Team Empire managed to place 7th/8th at the event, losing to Team Liquid who would go on to win it. About a month later, ‘Resolut1on’ was offered a spot on the team OG.

In no time at all, OG were qualifying for a number of events including AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League and MDL Macau, the latter of which OG would go on to win. In addition to this, OG has placed top 3 at several other events including Captains Draft 4.0,  DOTA Summit 8 and Galaxy Battles II.

International Tournaments

‘Resolut1on’ has spent several years playing with Team Empire and has helped the organization to achieve a number of great results, including 1st place at Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1. He even stood in for Team Empire at The International 2017 and helped them achieve a 7th/8th place finish. The year prior, ‘Resolut1on’ had played on Digital Chaos and finished 2nd at The International 2016. While he only recently joined OG, the team have already won MDL Macau. The only Major which ‘Resolution’ has placed highly at, was at the Boston Major, when he played for DC. There, he placed 3rd/4th.