Gustav ‘s4’ Magnusson currently plays for OG as a solo laner, able to fulfill the role in either the mid lane or the off lane. He gained lots of fame while he was with the team No Tidehunter, which would become Alliance. Alliance won The International 2013, and since then, ‘s4’ has been regarded as one of the strongest solo laners in the pro scene. ‘s4’ has played on a number of high profile teams and had success with almost all of them.


Early Career

‘s4’s career began through Heroes of Newerth, where he was well known and quite succesful . He had played with famous players including ‘Era’, ‘Jonassomfan’, ‘Loda’ and ‘Akke’. He transitioned to Dota 2 at the beginning of 2012, when he was picked up by Team Empire. However, he departed from the team only 2 months later. Following this, ‘s4’ joined 2 Danish players who recently had formed the team The Tough Bananas. TTB were quite successful, as they managed to win the 4PL Play4Dota twice, and the joinDOTA Master VIII. Leading on from this success, TTB were picked up by the organization Copenhagen Wolves. However, after only 2 months, ‘s4’ left the team.

No Tidehunter

After departing from Copenhagen Wolves in September 2012, ‘s4’ created No Tidehunter (nth) and the group saw immediate success. nth won The Revenge 1 the same month, and although the team made some roster changes, the team won Dreamhack Winter 2012 2 months later. The Dreamhack Winter made ‘s4’ famous for his Magnus, Templar Assassin and Dark Seer plays, and the team made the memorable level-1-Roshan-bait-play. ‘s4’ had partaken in the 1v1 tournament A Fistful of Tangoes which featured some of the strongest solo players in the pro scene. In this tournament, ‘s4’ placed second, losing to ‘Fear’ In early 2013, ‘EternalEnvy’ was replaced by ‘EGM’, making nth a fully Swedish team. nth continued to dominate the pro scene, winning EMS One Spring Cup 3 times running, the Eizo Cup 2 and SLTC StarSeries Season Five. In April, nth were picked up by Alliance.


nth continued to dominate under their new sponsorship, and became by far the strongest team in the pro scene, winning every single event they entered from April up until, and including The International 2013, except for a single 5th/8th place finish at RaidCall EMS One Spring. Alliance had won a total of 8 events leading up to The International, including Dreamhack Summer, SLTV StarSeries and The Premier League twice.

The 2013 Alliance were one of the strongest teams to ever have appeared in the pro scene and their domination is unlike anything ever seen. The grand finals series at The International 2013 against Na’vi is one of the most famous and exciting endings to any of The International tournaments ever. In game 5 of the bo5 series, Alliance were losing for most of the game, but managed to comeback by out-maneuvering and making a series of incredible individual displays of skill including ‘s4’s famous million-dollar-dream-coils.

Alliance’s domination came to a end towards the end of 2014, and although they managed to win several events including Dreamhack Bucharest, ASUS ROG DreamLeague and the Dota 2 Champions League, Alliance began to get some less impressive results including a 5th/6th place finish at the SLTV Star Series and culminating in a 11th/12th place finish at The International 2014. While at The International, ‘s4’ once again took part in a 1v1 event and won it against the best of international talent. Following this highly disappointing finish as well as after a few months of disappointing results, ‘s4’ left Alliance.

Team Secret

‘s4’ joined ‘Puppey’ in creating Team Secret. The team had a rocky start, but still managed to place top 3 at 3 different LAN events. Although at the end of 2014, Team Secret managed to win the XMG Captain’s Draft 2.0 and Dota Pit League Season 2. In 2015, Team Secret managed to win a number of events including The Summit 3, MarsTV Dota 2 League and ESL One Frankfurt. However, after a disappointingly early departure from The International 2015 and internal conflict, Team Secret disbanded and ‘s4’ would return to Alliance.


‘s4’s return to Alliance seemed hopeful at first, as the team managed to win the World Cyber Arena and the StarLadder i-League StarSeries. However, in the months that followed, Alliance achieved nothing more than 5th place at any events they attended, including EPICENTER 2016, the Shanghai Major and the Manila Major. Alliance also placed 9th/12th at The International 2016. ‘s4’ once again departed from Alliance, and this time he would join OG shortly thereafter.


Almost immediately after joining OG as a solo laner, the team saw success. At first, they placed 3rd and 5th/8th at the Mars Dota 2 League and FACEIT invitational respectively, but following this, the team began to dominate the pro scene. OG won a number of events including The Boston Major and The Kiev Major and placed highly at several other events. OG were strong going into The International 2017, but only managed to place 7th/8th. The 2017-2018 period has been rather quiet for OG, as the team has mainly played in qualifiers. The team has had some mixed results, but since their latest roster change, OG seem to be doing well, placing top 3 at almost every event they’ve entered. Unfortunately however, the team did not manage to qualify for ESL One Genting.

International Tournaments

‘s4’ has made a number of impressive achievements over the years including 1st place finishes at events such as The International 2013, The Kiev Major and the Boston Major. He has had great success on almost every team he has played with, and on several occasions he has demonstrated his individual skill. He has been part of several famous plays and he is recognized as one of the strongest solo laners in the pro scene.