Samuel “Samux” Fernández Fort is a Spanish AD carry in League of Legends. He’s currently playing for Unicorns of Love in the EU LCS.

Samux Career

Samux began his LoL career as a top laner for MeetYourMakers. However, he didn’t have any notable showings before joining x6tence. Together with his teammates, he attended the Absolute Amateur League: March and went all the way to the finals before losing 0-2 to HCL Gaming. x6tence had their breakthrough at the ESL Major Series Season 9. Despite having a shaky showing in the group stage, they qualified for the playoffs and took down Moscow Five in the finals to claim the trophy.

In spite of this success, Samux left the team to play for SmartPeople. That lineup didn’t take off, though, and the up-and-coming AD carry went to Giants Gaming. He took part in the 2013 Spring Split, but Giants quickly found themselves at the bottom of the EU LCS standings. And while they tried to make a comeback, their 8-20 regular season record meant they had to defend their slot in the Promotion Tournament. There, they lost to ALTERNATE aTTaX in a devastating reverse-sweep.

After such a disappointing showing, Samux went through several organizations before settling on ATLAS eSports Team. He played AD carry for them in the 2015 TCL Summer Split. However, ATLAS couldn’t get anything going in the regular season, and their seventh-place finish meant they had to participate in the 2016 TCL Winter Qualifiers. There, they suffered a 1-3 loss to Team AURORA and were knocked out of the league.

Samux went on to play for Giants Underdoges. They had a strong start in Season 1 of PGL Legends of the Rift, but two losses against To Infinity and Beyond put an end to their run. Giants Underdoges also attended the 2016 EU CS Spring Qualifiers. Unfortunately, a quick 0-3 loss to Millenium eliminated them from the competition.

For the 2017 Spring Split, Samux joined Unicorns of Love. With his help, they had a massive resurgence and topped their group with an 11-2 record. In the Semifinals, they dismantled Misfits 3-1, but their finals series ended with a crushing defeat against G2 Esports. Still, this was the first time Samux made his presence known in the scene.

Unicorns fell into a slump in summer. And while they managed to finish their group in second place, the 0-3 Quarterfinals loss to Misfits knocked them out of the playoffs. In the Regional Finals, they lost a close 5-game series against H2K and failed to advance to the 2017 World Championship.

Samux International Tournaments

On Unicorns of Love, Samux went to his first international tournament, IEM Season 11 World Championship. UOL’s victory over Kongdoo Monster showed a lot of promise. But the following group stage losses to Flash Wolves and G2 Esports eliminated them from the event.

UOL also attended the 2017 Rift Rivals (NA vs EU) event. Even though they were considered the weakest European team at the tournament, Unicorns managed to secure a 50% groups win rate to qualify for the finals. There, they fell 0-3 to TSM.