Sangyoon Domestic Career


Gwon “Sangyoon” Sang-yun began his LoL career on Anarchy. Together with his teammates, he attended 2014 ITENJOY NLB Summer. Anarchy went all the way to the platinum league before dropping a series to Incredible Miracle 2. Afterward, they made a successful run through the 2015 CK Spring Split and advanced to the 2015 Champions Summer Promotion. There, they took down Winners to qualify for 2015 SBENU Champions Summer.

Shortly thereafter, the organization changed its name to Rebels Anarchy, and Sangyoon entered the league under a new banner. The regular season wasn’t kind to them, though, and Rebels Anarchy struggled to keep up with the competition. With a 5-13 record, they secured an eighth-place finish and barely avoided relegation.

Then, they went to the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup. Rebels Anarchy kicked off the tournament with a 2-1 victory over Najin, but their Quarterfinals match against ESC Ever ended in defeat. In the off-season, they rebranded as Afreeca Freecs.


Surprisingly enough, a new name turned around their bad luck. Afreeca produced a decent 10-8 record in the 2016 LCK Spring Split and qualified for the playoffs in fifth place. This was the end of the line for them, though, as they fell 0-2 in the first match against Jin Air.

Afreeca tried to make their comeback in summer. But once again, they had a very middling showing, and their 8-10 record was barely enough to break into the playoffs. There, they suffered a crushing defeat at the hand of Samsung Galaxy. And while they tried to run it back in the Regional Finals, a 1-3 loss to the same opponents put an end to their ambitions.


In the off-season, Sangyoon parted ways with Afreeca to play for ROX Tigers. Because of the complete roster overhaul, ROX Tigers faced a lot of hardships in the 2017 LCK Spring Split. As a result, they finished the regular season in the bottom half of the LCK table and missed out on the playoffs. A similar trend could be observed in summer, as ROX once again failed to make it into the knockout stage.

Afterward, they took part in the 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup. They kick-started the tournament with a 2-0 victory over Gyeonggi, however, their next series against Ever8 Winners ended in defeat.

Sangyoon International Tournaments


Sangyoon went to his first international tournament—the IEM Season 11 World Championship—as a part of ROX Tigers. ROX had a decent showing in groups, defeating M19 and H2K to qualify for the knockout stage. Their run was cut short when they lost 1-2 in the Quarterfinals against G2 Esports.