Santorin Domestic Career


Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer began his LoL career on Intellectual Playground. He quickly moved to Vengeance eSports, but his new team didn’t have any notable showings, and Santorin went back to Intellectual Playground. There, he attended his first major event, DreamHack Winter 2013. His team had a decent showing in the group stage, producing a 2-1 record to qualify for the playoffs. In the Semifinals, they lost 1-2 to SK Gaming.


Afterward, Santorin left Intellectual Playground for The Fox Sound. Together with his new teammates, he competed in a series of minor tournaments and even took first at the Week 17 EUW Challenger Series Cup. Still, Santorin parted ways with The Fox Sound and joined TNP Gaming EU. His stay wasn’t long, though, and Santorin left the team to sub in for Cloud9 Eclipse at the 2014 EU LCS Promotion Tournament. Unfortunately, Eclipse struggled to adjust to playing with a new jungler, and they lost their series against SUPA HOT CREW with a 0-3 score.

Still, Santorin caught the eye of Team Coast in North America. He joined them for the 2014 NA CS Summer #1. Coast showed up at the tournament, defeating the likes of Team Green Forest, Curse Academy, and Team LoL Pro to win the trophy. A similar narrative unfolded at the 2014 NA CS Summer #2, and Coast breezed to the first-place finish without dropping a single game.

They entered the 2014 NA CS Playoffs with high hopes. But inexplicably, their first series ended with a disastrous 0-2 loss to Team 8. Even so, Team Coast bounced back in the third place match and scored a 3-1 victory over Team LoL Pro. With this, they qualified for the Promotion Tournament, but a crushing 0-3 defeat against Evil Geniuses knocked them out of the competition.


Despite this result, TSM noticed Santorin’s jungle prowess and invited him to join them in the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split. They had a dominant showing in the regular season, finishing first to secure a bye to the Semifinals. In the playoffs, TSM scored back-to-back victories against Team Impulse and Cloud9 to win the trophy.

But TSM started struggling in summer. Their 11-7 record put them in the middle of the NA LCS table, and TSM entered the playoffs as underdogs. They still managed to upset Team Gravity and Team Liquid, but their finals series against CLG ended with a 0-3 loss. Still, this showing was enough to qualify for the 2015 World Championship.


In the off-season, TSM released Santorin from their roster. He found a new home on Huma. Huma attended the 2016 EU CS Spring Qualifiers and down Wonder Stag e-Sports, Slow and Furious, and Illuminar Honor Gaming without dropping a single game. The 2016 Spring Season also went well for Huma, but Santorin didn’t stay for the playoffs.

Instead, he went back to North America to play for Ember. Despite having another jungler on their roster, Ember decided to field Santorin in the playoffs and lost 1-3 to Team Dragon Knights. Afterward, Ember released its players, and Santorin joined NRG Esports.

NRG struggled in the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split. With a 4-14 record, they finished the regular season in ninth place and got knocked down to the promotion tournament. There, they suffered a crushing defeat at the hand of Cloud9 Challenger. And while they could still come back through the elimination round, a 0-3 loss to Echo Fox knocked them out of the LCS.


Santorin spent the entirety of 2017 playing for Gold Coin United (GCU). During the 2017 Spring Season, GCU proved their worth as a top-2 Challenger Series team. Their Promotion Tournament started with a promising 3-1 victory over Team EnVyUs, but the following losses to Team Liquid and Team EnVyUs (in the loser’s bracket) put an end to their run. History repeated itself in summer. Once again, GCU made it to the Promotion Tournament, but despite their best efforts, they were eliminated after losing to Phoenix1 and eUnited.

When GCU weren’t accepted into the NA LCS, Santorin went back to Europe to join H2K Gaming.

Santorin International Tournaments


Santorin went to his first international tournament—IEM Season 9 San Jose—as a part of TSM. His team had a shaky showing and was eliminated after a Semifinals loss to UOL.


They picked up the slack at the IEM Season 9 World Championship. TSM breezed through the group stage with victories against Team WE and CJ Entus. In the playoffs, they defeated Flash Wolves with a 2-1 score and 3-0’d Team WE to take away the trophy.

TSM had a much harder time at the 2015 MSI. They struggled to stand up to the opposition and ended the group stage with a measly 1-4 record.

A similar story unfolded at the 2015 World Championship. TSM looked outclassed in the same group with KT, LGD, and Origen. In the end, they could only find a single win against LGD before getting eliminated from the tournament.