SirNukesAlot Domestic Career


SirNukesAlot began his League of Legends career on Copenhagen Wolves. Together with his teammates, he took part in the 2016 EU CS Spring Split. Copenhagen Wolves had a decent showing, and their 2-1-2 (wins-ties-losses) record allowed them to finish the regular season in fourth place.

They stepped up their game in the playoffs by scoring a decisive 3-0 victory over the #1 Challenger team, Millenium. And while they fell 3-2 in the finals against Huma, this result was good enough to advance to the promotion tournament. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep this momentum going, and a 3-2 loss to Giants Gaming eliminated them from the competition.

Afer such a disappointing showing, SirNukesAlot left Copenhagen Wolves to play for Nerv. But since he shared stage time with another support—wewillfailer—SirNukesAlot only got to play in a handful of the 2016 EU CS Summer Split games.


SirNukesAlot took a prolonged break from the competitive scene before returning as the support for Giants Gaming. Together with his new teammates, he played in the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split.

SirNukesAlot International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, SirNukesAlot didn’t attend any international tournaments.