Smoothie Domestic Career


Smoothie began his LoL career on Team Dragon Knights (TDK). He had a strong showing in the 2015 NA CS Spring Split, and his team went all the way to the Promotion Tournament to win against Winterfox and qualify for the NA LCS Summer Split.

However, unexpected visa issues resulted in TDK playing with two substitutes for the first half of the competition. And while their starters eventually joined the team, it was too little too late. TDK finished the split in the last place (3-15 record), which got them automatically relegated to the Challenger Series.


In the off-season, Smoothie left TDK to replace Xpecial on Team Liquid. But after playing a single Spring Split game, he was transferred to the Team Liquid Academy lineup. Afterward, TLA went through more roster moves. The ever-changing lineup couldn’t find a stable footing in the Challenger Series, so it came as no surprise that they lost to Apex Gaming in the playoffs.

This prompted Smoothie to leave the team and join Cloud9 for the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split. He was meant to share playtime with another support—Bunny FuFuu—but it quickly became clear that Smoothie was a better fit for the team. Cloud9 went on to defeat Team EnVyUs and Immortals in the playoffs before losing 1-3 to TSM in the finals. Still, they bounced back in the Gauntlet by crushing Team EnVyUs and Immortals a second time and securing a World Championship ticket.


Smoothie became more dominant in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split. He established himself as a playmaking support and did well to cover the weaknesses of his AD carry, Sneaky. Moreover, Smoothie’s constant roams gave his team a stronger presence around the mid lane, which enabled Jensen to carry even harder. Cloud9 finished the regular season in second place, clashing with TSM in the playoffs finals. The series came down to the wire, but in the end, C9 missed out on the trophy.

Cloud9 went through a series of hardships in summer. Still, they managed to qualify for the playoffs with a 12-6 record. And despite losing to Team Dignitas in the Quarterfinals, they made a run through the Gauntlet to secure another Worlds trip.

Smoothie International Tournaments


Smoothie’s first international tournament was the 2016 World Championship. There, Cloud9 went 3-3 in groups, becoming the only North American team to make it into the knockout stage. Unfortunately, their Quarterfinals opponents—Samsung Galaxy— proved too hard for them to handle, and C9 lost the series with a 0-3 score.


At the 2017 World Championship, Cloud9 had to go through the Play-In stage. But wildcard teams couldn’t put up a fight against them, and C9 seamlessly qualified for the Main Event. Once again, they made it out of the group stage and went on to challenge Team WE in the Quarterfinals. After a hard-fought series, Cloud9 lost with a 2-3 score.

Smoothie performed reasonably well at international events. Together with Sneaky, he was one of the more consistent parts of C9’s lineups, pulling his weight in teamfights and skirmishes.