Solo Domestic Career


Colin “Solo” Earnest began his LoL career on Zenith eSports. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any notable showings, which caused him to join Cloud9 Tempest (C9T). Together with his new teammates, Solo took down Roar and Team Confound to qualify for the 2015 NA CS Spring Season. But right before the season started, Riot announced that C9T used a ringer in their series against Team Confounded. The whole lineup was disqualified as a result, and Solo and his teammates were banned from attending Riot-sanctioned events.

Still, most of Cloud9 Tempest stayed together to take part in the NA CS Qualifiers. But bad luck struck again when their mid laner—Yusui—received a 4-week suspension and they were forced to use a substitute. C9T didn’t let that get to them, though, and scored a confident victory over CLG.Black. With that, they qualified for the 2015 NA CS Summer Season.


In the off-season, Solo parted ways with C9T to join Ember. His team had a decent showing over the 2016 NA CS Spring Season, but its first playoffs series against Team Dragon Knights ended with a devastating 1-3 defeat. Following such a disappointing showing, Ember released its players, and Solo moved to Team Liquid Academy (TLA).

TLA showed up as one of the stronger teams in the 2016 Summer Season. But in the playoffs, they clashed with the stacked Cloud9 Challenger lineup, losing the match with a 2-3 score. Still, TLA made it to the Promotion Tournament where they fell in a 5-game series against Echo Fox.


Once the dust settled, Solo joined Gold Coin United (GCU). During the 2017 Spring Season, GCU proved themselves as a top-2 Challenger Series team. Their Promotion Tournament started with a promising 3-1 victory over Team EnVyUs, but the following losses to Team Liquid and Team EnVyUs (in the loser’s bracket) put an end to their run. History repeated itself in summer. Once again, GCU made it to the Promotion Tournament, but despite their best efforts, they fell short in their series against Phoenix1 and eUnited.


When GCU wasn’t granted a franchising slot, Solo joined Clutch Gaming.

Solo International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Solo didn’t attend any international tournaments.