Spirit Domestic Career


Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon began his LoL career on MVP Blue. Back then, he shared playtime with a fellow jungler—CNyang—and attended 2013 HOT6iX Champions Summer. MVP Blue struggled to make their presence known in the same group with SKT T1 and Najin White Shield. They ended up going 0-2-1 (wins-ties-losses) and failing to advance to the knockout stage.


In the off-season, MVP Blue and their sister team, MVP White, were acquired by Samsung. And so, Spirit entered 2014 PANDORA.TV Champions Winter under the banner of Samsung Blue. Blue managed to make it out of the group stage with a 0-3-0 record, but their first playoffs series ended with a crushing loss to SKT T1 K.

Spirit also played for Samsung Galaxy at the 2014 LoL Masters event. With his help, Samsung secured a 6-0 group stage record and scored playoffs victories against CJ Entus and SKT T1 to take the trophy. Blue came back for 2014 HOT6iX Champions Spring.

This time, they topped their group and advanced to the knockout stage. They kicked off their run with a confident 3-1 win over SKT T1 K. In the Semifinals, they clashed with their sister team—Samsung White—and came out with another 3-1 victory. The same narrative unfolded in the finals against Najin White Shield, and Blue claimed their first OGN trophy.

They entered 2014 HOT6iX Champions Summer as the clear-cut favorites. Once again, Blue towered above the competition and seamlessly made it out of the group stage. In the playoffs, they scored back-to-back victories over SKT T1 K and Samsung White, but the finals had them falter in a close 5-game series against KT Arrows. Fortunately, they still managed to qualify for Worlds.


In the off-season, Spirit parted ways with Samsung Blue to play for Team WE in the LPL. WE had a shaky showing in the 2015 Spring Split, and their 4-10-8 record was barely enough to advance to the playoffs. There, they suffered a devastating 2-3 loss to EDward Gaming (EDG).

During the same timeframe, WE attended the 2015 Demacia Cup Spring Season. They went all the way to the Semifinals before losing 0-3 to EDG. In the third-place match, WE dropped a close 5-game series to Qiao Gu Reapers.

Team WE entered the 2015 Summer Split with high hopes. But inexplicably, they struggled to keep up with the rising level of competition. They ended the regular season with a 3-11-8 record, which wasn’t enough to advance to the playoffs. In fact, they had to play in the Promotion Tournament. There, they 3-0’d 3-0 Newbee and Unlimited Potential to hold on to their LPL slot.

At the same time, WE attended the 2015 Demacia Cup Summer Season. Their first victories against LGD and Masters 3 showed some promise, but once again, WE faltered in the Quarterfinals against EDG.


In the off-season, Spirit joined Fnatic. Fnatic had a shaky start in the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split, but they regained their composure and qualified for the knockout stage with a 9-9 record. They kicked off their playoffs run with a 3-1 victory over Team Vitality, but the following round had them fall prey to the powerhouse G2 lineup. In the third-place match, Fnatic redeemed themselves by winning a close 5-game series against H2K.

They couldn’t gain any ground in the 2016 Summer Split. And while they managed to qualify for the playoffs, they were eliminated after a 0-3 loss to H2K. The same story took place in the Regional Finals, and Fnatic crumbled in their series against Unicorns of Love.


After such a disappointing showing, Spirit returned to Korea to play for Afreeca Freecs. With his help, Afreeca climbed to the top-4 in the 2017 LCK Spring Split. They looked set to make a deep playoffs run, but a staggering 0-2 loss to MVP put an end to these ambitions.

Afreeca tried to regain their footing in the 2017 Summer Split. However, they failed to improve their regular season standing, and their first playoffs series ended with a 0-2 defeat against SKT. Of course, they could run it back through the Regional Finals. Their 3-2 victory over MVP showed a glimmer of hope, but Afreeca fell short in the following Bo5 against Samsung Galaxy.

In the off-season,  Afreeca went to the 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup. Their stay turned out to be brief, though, as they lost their first match against Griffin.

Spirit International Tournaments


On Samsung Blue, Spirit went to the 2014 World Championship. They entered the tournament as favorites and dominated the group that included OMG, LMQ, and Fnatic. In the playoffs, Blue found a confident victory against Cloud9, but their run was cut short with a 0-3 loss to Samsung White.


On Team WE, Spirit attended the IEM Season 9 World Championship. WE lost their first group stage match against TSM, but they managed to come back by upsetting Gambit Gaming and CJ Entus in the loser’s bracket. They went on to defeat GE Tigers before falling 0-3 in the final against TSM.

On Fnatic, Spirit took part in IEM Season 10 Cologne. However, his team made a quick exit after losing its first series to Qiao Gu Reapers.


He had a much better showing at the IEM Season 10 World Championship, and Fnatic went all the way to the finals before losing 0-3 to SKT T1.