Sun ‘Srf’ Runfa is the current offlaner for Invictus Gaming. He has recently managed to make a break into the professional scene after having played on Vici Gaming Potential for roughly a year. His skills seem promising and hopefully he will help IG to make a comeback from their period of relatively poor results.


Early Career 

‘Srf’s professional career began in late 2016, when he joined the team Vici Gaming Potential. Previously, he had played on two teams, and Dream Weavers Gaming, however these teams were unsuccessful. He did participate in The International 2016 Qualifiers with, but his team placed 3rd/4th and failed to qualify. A few months later he was invited to Vici Gaming’s squad of rising talent. ‘Srf’ played with Vici Gaming Potential until May of 2017 and failed to achieve success from any tournaments.

IG Vitality

‘Srf’ was loaned from Vici Gaming Potential to IG Vitality when the team lost ‘Paparazi’ and ‘InJuly’. Unfortunately, the team was very unsuccessful, and made very little from tournament winnings. The only prize money they won was from a 7th place finish at Dota2 Professional League Season 4 and 1st place at ProDotA Cup China #2. In addition, IG Vitality failed to even qualify for most events. In February of 2018, he was acquired by Invictus Gaming’s main squad.

International tournaments

‘Srf’ had participated in several qualifiers for prestigious international tournaments such as The Bucharest Major and ESL One Genting. However, he has never been successful in qualifying for any major events. He has never won any prize money from international tournaments.