Ssumday Domestic Career


Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho began his LoL career on KT Rolster Bullets (KTB). He attended the 2013 OLYMPUS Champions Spring tournament where KTB had a strong showing in the group stage. However, their run came to an end when they lost 1-3 to MVP Ozone in the Quarterfinals. After such a disappointing showing, Ssumday was replaced by InSec to make room for a promising jungler in KaKAO.


He remained on the roster as a substitute until KTB’s sister team—KT Rolster Arrows (KTA)—recruited him as its starting top laner. With this new lineup, he attended the LoL Masters 2014. But KTA struggled to stand up to the competition, and their 1-5 record resulted in the abysmal sixth-place finish.

KTA didn’t let that get to them, though. They came back stronger for 2014 HOT6iX Champions Spring. There, they took over the group stage, securing a #1 seed over the likes of SKT K and SKT S. Unfortunately, their run ended with a 1-3 loss to CJ Blaze in the Quarterfinals.

It was only at 2014 HOT6iX Champions Summer that Ssumday finally showed up as a dominant top laner. Thanks to him, KTA took over the group stage to secure the first seed. And while all of their playoffs series went the full distance, KTA persevered with back-to-back victories against Najin White Shield, SKT S, and Samsung Blue. In the end, Ssumday walked away with his first OGN trophy.

With this victory, KTA were seeded directly into the second round of the Regional Finals. However, a sudden 0-3 loss to Najin White Shield eliminated them from the competition, and they narrowly missed out on Worlds.


In the off-season, KT Arrows merged with their sister team, KT Bullets (KTB), to form KT Rolster. Ssumday’s top lane prowess secured him a spot on the starting roster. However, KT’s first showing wasn’t a great one. They played in 2015 SBENU Champions Spring and finished the regular split with a 6-8 record, which wasn’t enough to advance to the playoffs.

They came back with a vengeance for the 2015 SBENU Champions Summer. With a 13-5 record, KT proved their worth as one of the best teams in the competition and finished the regular season in second place. Afterward, they defeated KOO Tigers in a hard-fought 5-game series and went on to face SKT T1 in the finals. But KT couldn’t stand up to this opponent and dropped the series with a 0-3 score.

Of course, they had another shot at qualifying for Worlds in the Regional Finals. Because of their high-place finish in the regular season, KT were seeded directly into the finals, which gave them plenty of time to prepare for their next adversary. In the end, KT faced Jin Air and dismantled them in a quick 3-1 victory. With that, they qualified for Worlds.

In the off-season, KT attended the 2015 KeSPA Cup. Their first series was a 2-1 victory over CTU Pathos, but they lost in the following round against CJ Entus.


They came back for the 2016 LCK Spring Split. Just like before, KT secured a second-place finish over the regular season. Unfortunately, a crushing defeat in the Semifinals against SKT T1 put an end to their run.

In summer, KT showed up with the same record. But this time, they were overshadowed by SKT T1 and ROX Tigers, so they had to start their playoffs run with the Quarterfinals. There, they took down Samsung Galaxy and proceeded to win a close series against SKT T1. In the finals, KT suffered a narrow defeat at the hand of ROX Tigers.

Still, they didn’t have enough Circuit Points to qualify for Worlds unless, of course, they made a run through the Regional Qualifiers. Coming into their match against Samsung Galaxy, everyone considered them favorites. But inexplicably, KT dropped the series with a 2-3 score and missed out on the 2016 World Championship.


In the off-season, Ssumday joined Team Dignitas in the NA LCS. He instantly proved to be a cut above North American top laners, and his potent mixture of mechanics and in-game knowledge made Ssumday a force to be reckoned with. But even though Dignitas tried their best to play around their top laner, a single good player wasn’t enough to carry the entire team. They finished the 2017 Spring Split in sixth place and fell 0-3 to Phoenix1 in the playoffs.

In summer, they managed to improve their standings. The playoffs had them score an upset over Cloud9, but the following series against TSM was nothing short of disastrous. Dignitas fell apart in the third place match, losing to CLG with a 0-3 score. They had a chance to qualify for the 2017 World Championship in the Regional Finals, but a crushing defeat against FlyQuest put an end to their ambitions.


After Dignitas weren’t granted the NA LCS franchising slot, Ssumday joined 100 Thieves.

Ssumday International Tournaments


On KT Rolster, Ssumday attended his first tournament, the 2015 World Championship. KT had a strong showing in the group stage, but their run was cut short after a 1-3 Quarterfinals loss to KOO Tigers.