Steeelback Domestic Career


Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi began his career in 2014 by playing for GSI Gaming. However, he didn’t have any notable showings until he joined SK Gaming Prime. Together with his new teammates, he participated in the 2015 Spring Expansion Tournament. His stay was short-lived, though, as Prime got knocked out in the first series against Reason Gaming.

Prime also attended 2014 Black Monster Cup Europe Winter. They put on a clinic at the tournament, defeating Playing Ducks and Dark Passage to reach the finals. There, they fell 1-2 against H2K.


Steeelback had his breakthrough on Fnatic. He joined the organization for the 2015 Spring Split to fill the shoes of its previous AD carry—Rekkles. Steeelback stepped up to the challenge, and Fnatic produced a 13-5 record over the regular season, securing a bye to the Semifinals. In the playoffs, they bested H2K and UOL in close 5-game series to claim the trophy. With this win, they earned a ticket to the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.

Despite this success, Steeelback was removed from Fnatic when Rekkles expressed his desire to return to the team. Steeelback went on to play for Odyssey Gaming in the 2015 NA CS Summer Qualifiers. Odyssey had a promising start with a victory over Fiction eSports, but the following loss to Cloud9 Tempest knocked them out of the competition.

Then, Steeelback joined Team Imagine. They had a decent showing in the 2015 NA CS Summer Split. In the playoffs, they clashed with the tournament favorites—Renegades—and lost to them in a close 3-game series. Still, Imagine regained their composure and came back in the third place match against Team Coast. They entered the Promotion Tournament with high hopes, but their match versus Team 8 ended with a crushing 1-3 defeat.


After such a disappointing showing, Steeelback returned to Europe to play for Unicorns of Love (UOL). UOL found themselves in the middle of the pack in the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split. Their 10-8 record resulted in a fifth-place finish, and they entered the playoffs as underdogs. A quick Quarterfinals loss against Origen put an end to their run.

This caused Steeelback to join Team ROCCAT. But it quickly became clear that ROCCAT were a cut below the competition. After securing a 2-6-10 record (wins-ties-losses) in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split, they found themselves playing in the Promotion Tournament. ROCCAT’s run came down to the wire, and they barely managed to avoid relegation with narrow victories against Millenium and Schalke 04.


In the off-season, Steeelback went to Team Vitality. But things didn’t change much in the 2017 Spring Split. Vitality fell to the bottom of the EU LCS standings, and their 3-10 record meant they couldn’t advance any further. The summer wasn’t kind to them either. And while Vitality slightly improved their regular season record, they failed to break into the playoffs.


When Team Vitality overhauled its lineup, Steeelback joined Giants Gaming.

Steeelback International Tournaments


On Fnatic, Steeelback went to his first international tournament, the 2015 MSI. His team had a rough start in the group stage, and its 2-3 record was barely enough to advance to the playoffs. In the Semifinals, they clashed with SKT T1. Many predicted them to suffer a crushing defeat at the hand of the Korean powerhouse. But Fnatic surpassed expectations by taking the Korean powerhouse to 5 games before getting eliminated from the tournament.

On Unicorns of Love, Steeelback attended IEM Season 10 San Jose. But UOL’s stay wasn’t a long one, and a 0-2 loss to CLG knocked them out of the competition.