Xie ‘Super’ Junhao is the current mid laner for LGD.Forever Young


Team DK

‘Super’s career began with Team DK. He participated in The International 2012, where his team placed 4th. He remained with the team for another year until The International 2013, where his team achieved a similar result as the year before and finished 5th/6th. In the roster shuffles that followed The International, ‘Super’ left Team DK and joined Vici Gaming.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming quickly rose to success over the next few years and they were one of the strongest teams in the world for a very long time. Between 2013 and 2014, Vici Gaming placed highly at a number of events and achieved some great results. Most notably, they won RaidCall EMS One Fall and came 3rd at The Summit 1. At The International 2014, ‘Super’ came the closest he ever has to claiming the Aegis of Champions. His team placed 2nd against Newbee but lost the grand final series 3:1. In the remainder of 2014, Vici Gaming won i-League Season 1, Esl One New York and The Summit 2.

The team’s success continued through to 2015, where the team placed 2nd at Dota 2 Asia Championships and placed in the top 3 at almost every event they participated in. Vici Gaming attended The International 2015 after receiving a direct invite to the main event, where they placed 4th. ‘Super remained with the team for the rest of 2015, but the team’s results began to drop. They failed to win any events and only placed 5th/6th at The Frankfurt Major. At the next Valve event, The Shanghai Major, Vici Gaming shockingly placed joint last. Following this disappointing finish ‘Super’ left the team and joined CDEC Gaming.

CDEC Gaming

‘Super’s time with CDEC Gaming was very unsuccessful. They failed to qualify for any event they participated in including The International 2016. The team won very little money during the roughly 6 months ‘Super’ played with them, and after The International, he was picked up by LGD.Forever Young.

LGD.Forever Young

LGD.FY performed quite well for the remainder of 2016, but failed to achieve any significant results. They qualified for The Boston Major 2016 and later placed 5th/8th at the main event. The team’s results were quite poor at the beginning of 2017. However after they made a number of roster changes they began to achieve a number of great results. Shortly before The International, LGD.FY placed 3rd/4th at EPICENTER 2017 and 2nd at Mars Dota 2 League. After earning an invite to The International through the qualifier, the team went on to place 3rd at the main event.

Unfortunately, LGD.FY struggled to achieve many great results for the rest of 2017 and early in 2018. The team only won money very little amounts of money, failed to qualify for most events and performed badly at event they did attend. For example, they placed 6th at MDL Macau and joint last at The Bucharest Major.

International tournaments

‘Super’ has participated in The International on three occasions, and although he has never won one, he has finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th. In addition to his achievements at The Internationals, he has won or placed 2nd at a number of prestigious international tournaments such as i-League Season 1, The Summit 2 and Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015.