Sword Domestic Career


Sword began his League of Legends career as a top laner for Team Turquality. Together with his teammates, he took part in the 2016 TCL Winter Split. Turquality had a rocky showing in the regular season, and their 6-8 record was barely enough to advance to the playoffs. Unfortunately, this was the end of the line for them, as their first series ended with a devastating 3-1 loss to SuperMassive. The following 3-0 loss to HWA Gaming knocked them down to the 2016 Summer Qualifiers where they defended their TCL slot with a 3-0 victory over Imperial Esports.

In the 2016 TCL Summer Split, Sword was moved down to the substitute position to share playtime with Xyraz. He played a decent amount of games in the regular season, but it quickly became clear that he didn’t have enough synergy with his teammates. And while Turquality made it into the knockout stage, Sword spent the entirety of the playoffs sitting on the bench.


In the off-season, Sword parted ways with Turquality to play for Griffin. He took on the 2017 CK Spring Split, but unfortunately, his team struggled to keep up with other Challenger lineups. Griffin finished the regular season with a 3-11 record and had to play in the promotion tournament. There, they scored a 3-0 victory over REVERSE Gaming to defend their CK spot.

Griffin entered the 2017 CK Summer Split with renewed vigor. They made several roster moves, which resulted in them looking like a completely different team. With that, Griffin produced a formidable 8-6 record to finish the regular season in third place, but the playoffs told a very different story, as they suffered a 3-1 loss at the hand of APK Prince.

At the end of the season, Sword—and Griffin—attended the 2017 KeSPA Cup. They had a strong start with back-to-back 2-0 victories against APK Prince and Afreeca Freecs in the qualifying rounds. However, they ran out of steam in the playoffs and suffered a 2-1 quarterfinals loss against SKT T1.


Griffin made more roster moves in the off-season. They dominated the 2018 CK Spring Split and finished the regular season without dropping a single game. This result allowed them to automatically advance to the promotion tournament where they crushed Kongdoo Monster (2-1) and MVP (3-1). With that, Sword finally qualified for the LCK.

Griffin had an explosive start to the 2018 LCK Summer Split. They took over the competition by toppling powerhouses like Kingzone DragonX and Afreeca Freecs.

Sword International Tournaments

Throughout his career, Sword didn’t get to play in any international tournaments.