Liu ‘Sylar’ Jiajun is the carry player for VGJ.Thunder.


LGD Gaming

‘Sylar’s career began at the end of 2011 when he joined LGD. The team participated in The International 2012 and placed 3rd overall. For the next year, LGD performed highly at every event they attended and consistently made it to the top 3, even winnings several events. They received an invite to The International 2013, where they disappointingly placed 9th/12th.  Following this result, ‘Sylar’ left the team and briefly joined Rising Stars. However, he did not stay with this team for much longer than a month.

Vici Gaming

Throughout most of the 2013-2014 period, Vici Gaming stood out as a strong team. They frequently performed highly at national events, although their results often fell short at international tournaments. The event which Vici Gaming attended prior to The International 2014 was ESL One Frankfurt, where they placed only 5th/8th. However, the team put on one of the strongest performances of all teams throughout The International and managed to take home 2nd place. In the roster shuffles that followed from The International, ‘Sylar’ returned to LGD.

LGD Gaming

‘Sylar’s return to LGD did unfortunately not mark a period of success for the team. In the first few months following The International, LGD failed to qualify for a number of events and performed poorly at international events. Even into 2015, the team’s performance awarded them with merely a 9th/12th place finish at Dota Asia Championships. However, roster changes occurred following this result and their performance increase sharply as a result. Shortly before The International 2015, they won i-League Season 3. At The International, the team managed to place 3rd. ‘Sylar’ once again came close to claiming to Aegis, but narrowly fell short.

After The International 2015, LGD performed poorly again. They later participated at both The Frankfurt Major and The Shanghai Major, but placed 7th/8th and 9th/12th respectively. Following the latter tournament, ‘Sylar’ left the team and returned to Vici Gaming.

Vici Gaming

‘Sylar’ played with Vici Gaming for only a total of roughly 5 months. During his 2nd time time with the organisation, he achieved very little. Vici Gaming failed to qualify for almost every event and even performed poorly at minor events. After failing to qualify for The International 2016, ‘Sylar’ left Vici Gaming to join EHOME.


Following on from the disappointing period ‘Sylar’ had with Vici Gaming, his time with EHOME was only a bit better. EHOME managed to qualify for The Summit 6 where they placed 7th/8th and later received an invite to The Boston Major, where they placed joint last. At the beginning of 2017, ‘Sylar’ left EHOME and took a break from professional play which lasted until after The International 2017.


‘Sylar’ joined Team VGJ when they rebranded themselves with a new roster as VGJ.Thunder. The team’s results were rocky at first, as they failed to qualify for several events. However, towards the end of 2017, their results improved drastically. They qualified for a number of prestigious events including ESL One Genting, The Bucharest Major and Dota 2 Asia Championships. At these events, VGJ received varied results including 7th/8th, 2nd and 9th/12th. At the latter of these events, ‘Sylar also participated in the 1 vs 1 tournament and placed 5th/8th.

International tournaments

‘Sylar’ has a long history of performing well at The Internationals. He has placed 3rd twice, once in 2012 and also in 2015, and placed 2nd in 2014. ‘Sylar’ has also achieved a number of impressive results at other international events. He has won Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds and i-League Season 2 and 3. In addition he placed 2nd at The Bucharest Major and World Cyber Arena.