Targamas Domestic Career


Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé began his career on GamersOrigin. Together with his teammates, he attended Challenge France 2017 Spring. GamersOrigin had a decent showing in the group stage, producing a 6-7 record to qualify for a three-way tiebreaker. There, they bested E-corp Gaming to advance to the playoffs.  Unfortunately, a 1-2 loss to Millenium knocked them down to the third-place match. Still, they managed to bounce back with a 3-0 victory over Oserv Esport.

Afterward, they took part in Lyon e-Sport 10 and breezed through the group stage without dropping a single game. In the playoffs, they suffered a narrow loss at the hand of Team LDLC. But they came back through the loser’s bracket and defeated LDLC in a close 5-game final.

They also made their presence known at the DreamHack Tours 2017. But even though they did well in groups, they couldn’t gain enough momentum in the playoffs. A 1-2 loss to Veni Esport pushed them into the loser’s bracket, and a defeat against Millenium sealed the deal.

GamersOrigin made a splash at the 2017 Underdogs Spring Split. They went through groups with a 5-2 record and qualified for the knockout stage in third place. In the playoffs, they took the trophy by dismantling Eclypsia, GrosBill, and LDLC without dropping a single game. A similar narrative unfolded in the 2017 Underdogs Summer Split. GamersOrigin towered above the competition and crushed Millenium in the finals to secure another first-place finish.


In the off-season, Targamas left the organization to join Giants Gaming in the EU LCS.

Targamas International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Targamas didn’t attend any international events.