Timothy ‘Tims’ John Randrup is currently a support player for TNC Pro Team.


Early Career

‘Tims’ career began in 2016 when he joined Execration. This Philippine team participated in a number of local tournaments and qualifiers for international events, but achieved relatively little. They placed top 3 at a few small events, but in August he left the team to join Rave, another Philippine team. This team entered the qualifiers for The Boston Major and ESL One Genting 2017, but after failing to qualify for either of these events, ‘Tims’ left Rave and joined TNC Pro Team.

TNC Pro Team

‘Tims’ joined TNC Pro Team at the end of 2016. Their debut event was the World Electronic Sports Games 2016, a second tier event which they won. Following this, they qualified for The Kiev Major and The International. At these events, they placed 9th/16th and 9th/12th respectively. The team was beginning to break out onto the top tier professional scene. In the next six months that followed, TNC Pro team performed very well at qualifiers and earned invites to several top tier events including ESL One Genting, The Bucharest Major and Dota 2 Asia Championships. Their results at these events demonstrated their improved performance. They achieved 9th/12th,  5th/8th and 4th place respectively.

International Tournaments

‘Tims’ has attended a number of international tournaments and has occasionally achieved great results with TNC Pro Team. In 2017 he won World Electronic Sports Games and China Top in addition to placing 9th/12th at The International 2017. Later, in 2018, he helped his team achieve a 5th/8th place finish at The Bucharest Major and 4th at Dota 2 Asia Championships.