Totoro Domestic Career


Eun “Totoro” Jong-seop began his LoL career on ESC Ever. He first played for them in the 2015 CK Summer Playoffs finals against Dark Wolves, but unfortunately, Ever lost that series with a 1-3 score. Totoro was given another chance in the Promotion Tournament. But once again, he couldn’t turn the tide in a match against MVP, and Ever suffered a crushing 1-3 defeat.

In the 2016 CK Spring Split, his fellow support—KeY—was benched for elo boosting, and Totoro finally stepped into the spotlight. With his help, ESC Ever produced an 8-3-3 record (wins-ties-losses) and qualified for the playoffs. There, they took down Ever8 Winners and MVP to qualify for the Promotion Tournament. And while Totoro was noticeably absent in the final series, ESC Ever dismantled SBENU Sonicboom to enter the LCK.

In the 2016 Summer Split, Totoro shared playtime with KeY. But ESC Ever struggled to stand up to the competition, and their 5-13 record resulted in a ninth-place finish. With that, Ever had to participate in another Promotion Tournament. They kicked off their run with a promising victory against SBENU Korea, but the following loss to Kongdoo Monster put them on the brink of elimination. Even so, Ever managed to regain their composure and 3-0 CJ Entus to retain their LCK slot.

In the off-season, ESC Ever attended the 2016 KeSPA Cup. They showed a lot of promise with a 2-1 victory over Samsung Galaxy, but unfortunately, they fell short in the Semifinals against Kongdoo Monster. After the tournament, ESC Ever rebranded as BBQ Olivers.


BBQ Olivers had a strong start to their 2017 Spring Split, but they quickly ran out of steam. In the end, their 5-13 record was barely enough to avoid relegation. A similar narrative took place in summer. Despite BBQ’s best efforts to turn their shaky split around, they finished the season in eighth place and were forced to play in another Promotion Tournament. Their run started with a close victory against CJ Entus, but in the following round, Kongdoo Monster knocked them down to the loser’s bracket. There, BBQ faced CJ Entus once again, dismantling them with a 3-0 score.

BBQ Olivers stayed together for the 2017 KeSPA Cup, but a 0-2 loss to MVP eliminated them from the tournament. After such a disappointing showing, Totoro joined Unicorns of Love in the EU LCS.

Totoro International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Totoro didn’t attend any international tournaments.