Upset Domestic Career


Elias “Upset” Lipp began his LoL career on Mysterious Monkeys. However, he didn’t have any notable showings until he joined Mousesports. Together with his new teammates, he took on the 2016 EU CS Summer Qualifiers. But Mousesports couldn’t stand up to the competition, and they were eliminated from the tournament with a 2-3 groups record.

After such a disappointing showing, Upset joined Nerv in the 2016 EU CS Summer Split. But a new team didn’t turn around his bad luck, and Nerv finished the regular season in last place.


In 2017, Upset joined FC Schalke 04. With his help, Schalke took over the 2017 EU CS Spring Split without dropping a single game. But inexplicably, they fell apart in the playoffs, losing 1-3 in their series against Misfits Academy. Even so, Schalke entered the 2017 EU CS Summer Split with renewed vigor. They had a shakier showing in the regular season, but the playoffs had them taking down Red Bulls to qualify for the Promotion Tournament.

There, they kicked off their run with a narrow victory over Mysterious Monkeys. Still, the following loss to Giants Gaming put them on the brink of elimination, but Schalke regained their composure and defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas to enter the EU LCS.

Upset International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Upset didn’t attend any international tournaments.