WhiteKnight Domestic Career


Matti “WhiteKnight” Sormunenis began his LoL career as an AD carry substitute on Team ALTERNATE aTTaX. He played a total of 10 games in the 2013 EU LCS Summer Split before going on a break from competitive League of Legends.


He returned in 2017 as a top laner for Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Still, he shared playtime with another top laner—Steve—and spent the majority of the season sitting on the bench. He finally got his time to shine in the 2017 EU CS Spring Playoffs, but despite his best efforts, PSG fell in a close series against Fnatic Academy. In summer, WhiteKnight only started in four games, and all of them ended in losses.

Afterward, he joined Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) as a substitute top laner. Unfortunately, he didn’t get any playtime as NiP fielded Profit instead of him. When Ninjas in Pyjamas were relegated from the EU LCS, WhiteKnight went to Unicorns of Love.

WhiteKnight International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, WhiteKnight didn’t attend any international tournaments.