WildTurtle Domestic Career


Jason “WildTurtle” Tran entered the LoL scene by playing on teams like Forty Bus Gaming, Monomaniac eSports, Kill Steal Gaming, Orbit Gaming, and Quantic Gaming (later known as Cloud9).


However, his breakthrough happened on TSM. The NA LCS powerhouse brought him in to replace its previous AD carry, Chaox. And despite the fact that he joined the team in the middle of the 2013 NA LCS Spring Split, WildTurtle put on a clinic and propelled TSM to a first-place finish over the regular split. In the playoffs, Team SoloMid scored back-to-back victories against Team Vulcan and Good Game University to seize the trophy.

With such a dominant showing in his first split, WildTurtle was recognized as one of the best North American AD carries. Of course, his aggressive playstyle erred on the side of recklessness, but his stellar mechanics allowed him to consistently come out on top.

This perception was somewhat undermined by TSM’s struggles in summer. The team produced a 14-14 record, qualifying for the playoffs in third place. And even though they’ve picked up the slack with confident victories against CLG and Vulcan, TSM still fell to Cloud9 in the finals. Fortunately, this result was enough to punch their ticket to the World Championship.


With TSM bringing in Bjergsen to the mid lane, they took over the 2014 NA LCS Spring Split. They showed up with a 22-6 record, finishing the regular season in second place. But even though they scored a 2-1 victory over CLG in the Semifinals, they once again fell short against Cloud9 in the finals.

The off-season brought even more roster changes, and TSM struggled to adjust to their new teammates. But when the dust settled, they came out stronger. Despite being a third-place team over the regular season, TSM toppled Dignitas and LMQ to reach the finals. There, they upset C9’s winning streak to win the NA LCS trophy.


TSM had a strong showing in the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split, producing a 13-5 record and getting a bye to the Semifinals. There, they defeated Team Impulse and Cloud9, earning another NA LCS victory and an invitation to the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.

It was at this point that WildTurtle’s shortcomings became clear. His playstyle was as brash as always, but his mechanics were no longer at the level where he could get away with it. There were many occasions when WildTurtle flashed for a kill only to throw the game for his team.

This caused TSM to fall off in summer. It got so bad that they even tried to look for another AD carry in the middle of the split. Ultimately, though, they decided to stick with WildTurtle. They finished the regular season with a middling 11-7 score. And while they picked up the slack in the playoffs with back-to-back wins over Gravity and Team Liquid, they lost 0-3 to CLG in the finals. Fortunately, they had enough Circuit Points to qualify for another World Championship.


In the off-season, TSM brought in Doublelift, and WildTurtle found a new home on Immortals. There, he shifted gears and reaffirmed his status of a top-tier AD carry. Immortals breezed through the regular season, securing a massive 17-1 record over the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep the momentum going in the playoffs and lost 0-3 to TSM in the Semifinals. And while they 3-0’d Team Liquid in the third place match, this was still a very underwhelming result for such a promising lineup.

Still, Immortals showed up again in summer. Despite the fact that TSM took over as the #1 North American team, Immortals looked incredibly dominant with their 16-2 run. But the playoffs told a different story, and they fell to Cloud9 in a close Semifinals series. Their subsequent 3-2 victory over CLG did little to shift this narrative. If they wanted to make it to the World Championship, they’d have to win the Regional Finals, but another loss to Cloud9 put an end to their ambitions.


Thee off-season had WildTurtle rejoining Team SoloMid. The move was caused by Doublelift’s decision to take a break, although the organization claimed that it was planning to keep two AD carries on its roster. Despite the fact that most of their series went to three games, TSM took over the 2017 Spring Split with an impressive 15-3 record. In the playoffs, they 3-0’d FlyQuest and 3-2’d Cloud9 to seize another trophy and a 2017 MSI invitation.

After the split ended, TSM brought Doublelift back onto its roster, and WildTurtle chose to leave the team instead of staying as a substitute. He joined FlyQuest for the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split. The organization had an abysmal showing, finishing the regular season in seventh place. They regained their composure for the Regional Finals and 3-0’d Team Dignitas in the first round of the competition. But the following 1-3 loss against CLG put an end to their run.


In the off-season, FlyQuest announced that WildTurtle will be staying as their starting AD carry.

WildTurtle International Tournaments


On TSM, WildTurtle attended his first international tournament, the 2013 World Championship. The team fell apart in the group stage, producing a 2-6 record and failing to advance to the playoffs.

TSM later participated in the Battle of the Atlantic event where they won 2-0 over Lemondogs.


TSM fared much better at the 2014 World Championship. They advanced to the playoffs with a 4-2 record over the group stage. Unfortunately, they clashed with the tournament favorites—Samsung White—in the Quarterfinals, losing the series 1-3.

After Worlds, TSM attended the IEM Season 9 San Jose event. However, the tournament didn’t bring them any solace, and TSM lost 0-2 to UOL in the Semifinals.


In the beginning of 2015, TSM were invited to the IEM Season IX World Championship. They showed up in the group stage by defeating Team WE and CJ Entus. In the Semifinals, TSM bested Flash Wolves with a 2-1 score. As fate would have it, they had a rematch with Team WE in the finals, but TSM stomped out the comeback story with a quick 3-0 victory.

TSM became one of the worst-performing teams at the 2015 MSI. They had a hard time gaining any ground in the group stage, exiting the tournament with an abysmal 1-4 record.

At the 2015 World Championship, TSM were seeded into the ‘group of death’ alongside KT Rolster, Origen, and LGD. In a predictable fashion, TSM struggled to stand up to such competition. Their 1-5 record sealed their fate, and TSM once again failed to exit the group stage.


They had another underwhelming showing at the IEM Season 11 Oakland. Despite being seeded into the Semifinals, TSM were instantly knocked out of the tournament by Unicorns of Love.


At the 2017 MSI, TSM had to go through the Play-In stage. There, they had a hard time matching GIGABYTE Marines’ aggression, although they eventually managed to come out on top. However, the Main Event led to disappointment, and TSM faltered in the group stage with a 4-6 record.