Yao ‘Yao’ Zhengzheng is currently the captain and support player for LGD.Forever Young. He was one of the analysts for the Chinese broadcast of The International 2016. Previously, he was known as ‘XiaoD’.


Early Career

‘Yao’s career began in 2011. He participated in The International 2011 with Online Kingdom which marked his transition from DotA to Dota 2. Unfortunately his team placed joint last though, and directly following this event, he joined LGD Gaming.

LGD Gaming

‘Yao’ attended the next International with LGD Gaming. They made their way through the event and managed to place 3rd against Invictus Gaming. Following The International, ‘Yao’ stayed with the team and performed highly at every tournament they attended for the next year. They consistently made it to the grand finals at prestigious events. At The International 2013, the team disappointingly placed 9th/12th. They performed well for the rest of 2013, but in early 2014, their results began to decrease considerably. Despite a period of worse results, LGD Gaming performed better at The International 2014 than they did the year before and placed 5th/6th.

The team’s results didn’t improve much for the rest of 2014, but in 2015 they began to once again achieve strong results. Initially they once placed 9th/12th at Dota 2 Asia Championships in February, but by The International 2015, they had placed highly at a number of events including i-League and The Summit 3. At The International main event, ‘Yao’ got very close to claiming to Aegis of Champions, but matched his team’s results from 2012 and again achieved 3rd.

CDEC Gaming

Following The International 2015, ‘Yao’ moved from his position on the team to a substitute and didn’t play competitively until March of 2016. Then, he joined CDEC Gaming’s new squad. Unfortunately, this team achieved little to no success. They failed to qualify for The International 2016 and shortly afterwards, he left the team.

LGD.Forever Young

A short period after leaving CDEC Gaming, ‘Yao’ formed LGD.Forever Young. The team had relatively little success and mostly participated in qualifiers and smaller events. However, they managed to qualify for The Boston Major, where they placed 5th/8th. Following this, ‘Yao’ rejoined the main LGD Gaming squad.

LGD Gaming

LGD had a very rocky start upon ‘Yao’s return at the beginning of 2017. For several months, the team performed very poorly and failed to qualify for any events. Shortly before The International 2017, their performance improved significantly as they began to place highly at most events. They earned an invite to The International 2017 through the qualifiers and at the main event, they placed 4th.

Unfortunately, the team once again performed very poorly following The International. They failed to qualify for almost every major international tournament and almost only played in smaller events. In January of 2018, ‘Yao’ went inactive for a month before returning to competitive play. Upon his return, he joined LGD.Forever Young.

LGD.Forever Young

When ‘Yao’ returned to LGD.Forever Young, they participated in a number of qualifiers but disappointingly performed very poorly.

International tournaments

‘Yao’ has a number of impressive results at international tournaments, particularly at The Internationals. He has participated several times, and placed 3rd in 2015 and 2012. At The International 2017 he placed 4th. He has also won Mars Dota 2 League 2017 and i-League Season 3.