Yazied ‘YapzOr’ Jaradat Is the current support player for Team Secret.


Early Career

‘YapzOr’s Dota 2 career began in early 2015, when he joined the team Balkan Bears. This team had little success, as the only notable amount of money they won was from a 2nd place finish at Bridon Open Cup and 5th/6th place at JoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1. After about half a year with Balkan Bears, ‘YapzOr’ helped to form Monkey Freedom Fighters. On this team, he played alongside ‘SingSing’ and ‘7ckngMad’. The team failed to qualify for ESL One New York and The Frankfurt Major however, and they disbanded by the end of 2015. The next team that ‘YapzOr’ would play on was Mamas Boys, who had a decent, but short run. They won the qualifier for Captains Draft 3.0 and placed 4th at the main event, although the team disbanded shortly thereafter.

Escape Gaming

‘YapzOr’ was invited to join ‘syndereN’ in forming the team No Diggity. The team participated in the regional EPICENTER Qualifier which they won, but they were later knocked out in the second part of the qualifiers.  They also placed 3rd at The Manila Major 2016 Qualifier. However, they placed 2nd at the DreamLeague Season 5 League Play and 4th at DreamLeague Season 5. After failing to qualify for the StarLadder i-League StarSeries, and shortly before the Global Grand Masters, the team were signed by Escape Gaming. Now under the banner of Escape Banner, the team entered The International 2016 Qualifiers and barely managed to get an invite to the main event after placing 2nd at the Wild Card qualifier. Unfortunately, the team placed joint last at the main event.

Following this, the team mostly participated in minor events and qualifiers. Towards the end of 2016, they began to get good results however, such as a 2nd place finish at DreamLeague Season 6. Although ‘YapzOr’ would leave the team to join B)ears a month later.

Team Secret

‘YapzOr’ now played for B)ears. The team entered The Kiev Major 2017 Qualifier and Dota 2 Asia Championships Qualifier, but failed to qualify for either. Following this, the team disbanded and ‘YapzOr’ was left without a team. About a month later, ‘YapzOr’ is invited to join Team Secret. ‘YapzOr’ debut tournament with Team Secret was the Mr. Cat Invitational, which the team placed 3rd at. Following this, the team placed highly at a number of events including 3rd/4th at EPICENTER 2017 and 2nd at DOTA Summit 7. The team looked very strong heading into The International 2017, although the team disappointingly placed 9th/12th.  Since then, the team has performed very well, placing highly at almost every event they participate in.  They won DreamLeague Season 8 and Captains Draft 4.0 as well as a 2nd place finish at ESL One Hamburg.

International tournaments

Most of ‘YapzOr’s success has been with Team Secret. His biggest achievements include 1st place at DreamLeague Season 8, 2nd place at ESL One Hamburg and 9th/12th at The International 2017. The year prior, he had entered The International with Escape Gaming, and after fighting their way through the qualifiers, placed 13th/16th.