The rapidly developing world of esports gaming has taken many by surprise, turning the simple format of console gaming into a high-earning global industry.

As the industry's following grows, the question remaining is which game in which genre is the most popular?

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The Most Popular Esports
By Game And Genre

Overall Ranking

  • Wordwide Sales
  • Total Esport Prize Money Awarded
  • Average Twitch Streamers
  • Professional Players
  • Tournaments
  • Top Player By Prize Money Won
    Sang Hyeok Lee
  • Country Of Top Player
    Republic Of Korea
  • Top Team
    SK Telecom T1
  • Top Country By Prize Money Won
    Repulic Of Korea


Games selected were those with the highest amounts of prize money awarded. The top country, top teams and top player metrics all correspond to who has earnt the most through the sport in competitions. Viewership reflects only the viewership figures on Twitch that we could access. Totals for each genre have been taken only from the games included in the tool.