PUBG Streamers: The Best and Most Popular PUBG Streamers in 2023


When PUBG launched back in 2017, it quickly became the most popular battle royale title in history. Today, PUBG is one of the most highly viewed titles across popular streaming platforms. It receives millions of viewership hours every year, and there are plenty of PUBG streamers that make a living from broadcasting the game.

It’s a hugely impressive title, and it is still enjoyed by millions of people all around the world today. It’s easily one of the leading titles in the battle royale space, and it’s a huge part of the esports scene. Every year, millions of dollars in winnings change hands, with many competitors fighting to be named one of the best PUBG players in the scene. Indeed, a budding esports scene has contributed to a corresponding streamer landscape.

With all that information in mind, we’re here today to find out which PUBG streamers are truly the most popular. All of the following statistics were taken from the public database over on Streams Charts!

Who are the 10 best PUBG streamers?

In the list below we’ll be including both PUBG and PUBG Mobile streamers, with Hours Watched in the past 30 days as a deciding factor!

1. ShooTeKh

pubg streamers shootekh

Image Credits: ShooTekh

Kicking off our list of top streamers, we have the likes of Salah “ShooTeKh” Eddine Nemiri from Algeria. Although he doesn’t boast any professional achievements, his ability to grow a PUBG Mobile fanbase has been unparalleled. Accordingly, in the past 30 days, the streamer managed to clock in almost 500,000 Hours Watched, garnering incredible Peak Viewers and Average Viewers. Moreover, this makes him one of the most popular PUBG streamers in 2023 as of right now, with this content specifically appealing to the Vietnamese community. Making the most of two niche communities – those of Vietnam and PUBG Mobile, he’s a surprising individual to kick off this list!

2. Tecnosh

PUBG Streamers Tecnosh

Image Credits: Tecnosh

In a distant second place when it comes to viewership in the past 30 days, we have the likes of Joseph “Tecnosh” Touma. Now, unlike the prior entry, here we have some competitive pedigree to respect from this Brazilian player. Moreover, competing since 2018, the individual currently plays with THREE AND A GADO MEN. While he may not be one of the world’s best PUBG players, he’s one of the very few to gain impressive traction on Twitch.

Of note, the active professional PUBG player has managed to draw in over 260,000 of Hours Watched thanks to his efforts on his Twitch channel.

3. NinjaJOD


PUBG Streamers ninjajod

Image Credits: NinjaJOD

Moving over to India, our third entry has a much more successful professional player, with Shubham “NinjaJOD” Ranjan currently playing PUBG Mobile under TSM! Having most recently won the Nodwin x Loco All Stars Invitational, this streamer is one of the top to consider when it comes to PUBG betting. With over 30,000 in individual earnings, his skills as one of the best Assaulters in India has earned him an eager audience of over 250,000 Hours Watched since the start of the year. His popularity as one of the top PUBG Mobile streamers has developed with time.

4. DanucD

PUBG Streamers Dana Dima 'DanucD' Gard

Image Credit: Heavy Bullets

The next of the PUBG streamers on our list is also the most popular female PUBG streamer in the world. Namely, Dana Dim a”DanucD” Gard is a Latvian player with a massive following, with more than 1.2 million subscribers across both YouTube and Twitch. She’s a top-class PUBG player and dominates the game with ease. Unlike the other names on this list, DanucD balances between both PUBG Mobile and PUBG desktop, making her a versatile and multi-faceted player – making for quite a unique and engaging stream.

5. NoWay4u_Sir

Frederik "NoWay4u_Sir" Hinteregger most popular pubg streamers

Image Credits: EU Masters

Next on our list is the German PUBG Streamer, Frederik “NoWay4U_Sir” Hinteregger, with an interesting story. Indeed, he’s the only one on this list who was a former professional player in a different esport altogether. Specifically, back in 2012, he began his career in League of Legends in the European region. Currently, he casually plays in the Prime League 1st Division in Europe at a casual level. Over the past year, this curious streamer has picked up PUBG streaming and hasn’t put it down – accordingly, he’s amassed quite an audience and over 170,000 Hours Watched in the past 30 days!


PUBG Streamers TGLTN

Image Credits: TLGTN

Finally, our ranking of viewership for PUBG Streamers has reached one of the best active professionals in the scene of PUBG. Indeed, James “TGLTN” Giezen is currently on Soniqs and offers the following record:

  • PUBG Continental Series 7 Americas – 1st
  • PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas – 1st
  • PUBG Continental Series 4 Americas – 4th
  • PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 – 1st

Considering his undisputed dominance, with over $450,000 of earnings, he’s one of the top PUBG professionals on Twitch. Bearing this in mind, if you’re watching him stream and want to try out a little Twitch betting, he’s a solid competitor to back.

7. HollywoodbobLIVE

PUBG Streamers 7. Colton "HollywoodbobLIVE" Visser

Image Credits: Hollywood Bob

Stepping away from the professional competition, we have a casual streamer who is an official PUBG Partner for the English-speaking audience. In the past 30 days, his budding stream has attracted 127,232 Hours Watched. Of note, Colton “HollywoodbobLIVE” Visser has some great viewership figures for someone who is not involved with the professional side of things at all.


PUBG Streamers Lucas "FROGMAN1" Marques

Image Credits: FROGMAN1

Pushing the most content out for his community, Lucas “FROGMAN1″ Marques and his astounding 600 hours of airtime in the past 30 days have yielded over 100,000 Hours Watched. While his professional team, eumais3 currently struggles through the Brazilian PUBG scene, his personal Twitch stream has grown phenomenally. Considering his age compared to other PUBG streamers, he likely has a bright future.

And the question from the community remains – is PUBG dying? Well, while viewership and active player numbers do seem to be dwindling for the PC PUBG title, PUBG Mobile has only thrived with time and is now one of the top mobile esports in the world.

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