PUBG Streamers: The Best in the World

When PUBG launched back in 2017, it quickly became the most popular battle royale title in history. Today, PUBG is one of the most highly viewed titles across popular streaming platforms. It receives millions of viewership hours every year, and there are plenty of PUBG streamers that make a living from broadcasting the game.

It’s a hugely impressive title, and it is still enjoyed by millions of people all around the world today. It’s easily one of the leading titles in the battle royale space, and it’s a huge part of the esports scene. Every year, millions of dollars in winnings change hands, with many competitors fighting to be named one of the best PUBG players in the scene.

With all that information in mind, we’re here today to find out which PUBG streamers are truly the best in the world.

1. Zhu ‘Paraboy’ Bocheng

Image Credit: Sonic Gaming (YouTube)

Paraboy is one of the stars of the PUBG Mobile scene, and one of the industry’s biggest earners. He’s a Chinese mastermind that has acquired more than $600k through playing and streaming PUBG Mobile.

In 2021, Paraboy was a part of the squad that secured the top prize in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. There’s no doubt he’s a world-class player and one of PUBG’s most popular content creators. He tends to put out live gameplay on YouTube, where he receives thousands of live viewers every time he plays.

Being a world champion, Paraboy is also the player of choice when engaging in a little PUBG betting.

2. Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur

Image Credit: Baltana

MortaL is another PUBG Mobile player to make this list, and he’s certainly deserving of a spot. He’s one of PUBG’s most prolific content creators and is one of the world’s best PUBG players. If you find yourself asking, “who is the number one PUBG player in India”, look no further than MortaL.

He’s a popular presence on YouTube, where he claims more than 6.5 million subscribers. When he goes live, tens of thousands of people flock to him, eager to see him snatch yet another win. He’s easily one of the best PUBG mobile streamers.

3. Dechatorn ‘MinORu’ Leksathan

Image Credit: Sanook

According to TwitchMetrics, MinORu is the most popular PUBG streamer behind PUBG’s official Twitch channel. On a monthly basis, MinORu picks up around fifteen thousand Twitch followers, and he puts out more than 200 hours of PUBG content.

He’s easily one of the best PUBG players in the world and a fantastic and engaging streamer. He’s a championship winner, and he’s made more than a few dollars from competing in PUBG. If you’re watching him stream and want to try out a little Twitch betting, he’s a solid competitor to back.

4. Herschel ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm IV

Image Credit: The Loadout

Dr Disrespect is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic streamers in history. He’s brash, aggressive, loud, and overwhelmingly popular. For years, Dr Disrespect has been one of the most dominant forces in PUBG – and he absolutely loves a battle royale game.

In 2021, Dr Disrespect was still putting out PUBG streams on YouTube, despite famously raging many times on the game. However, he’s still one of the best PUBG streamers to have played the game, and definitely the most entertaining.

5. Jacob ‘ChocoTaco’ Throop

Image Credit: Gaimer

Behind MinORu, ChocoTaco is a PUBG streamer with an immense following. Across YouTube and Twitch, he boasts around three million followers and subscribers, and when he goes live on Twitch, he brings in the big numbers.

There are few PUBG streamers who can do what ChocoTaco does consistently, and he’s one of the most dedicated PUBG content creators out there today. It doesn’t matter what map he’s playing on, or what weapons he uses, ChocoTaco almost always dominates the field.

6. Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek

Image Credit: GameRevolution

Like Dr Disrespect, Shroud is an immensely popular content creator, particularly on Twitch. He’s also one of the world’s best PUBG players, pulling off remarkable feats with ease. Once upon a time, Shroud won a game of PUBG without even looking at the screen.

On Twitch, Shroud has almost ten million followers, and he’s earned many of those by streaming PUBG. There’s no doubt he’s one of the best PUBG streamers on Earth.

7. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins

Image Credit: TwinGalaxies

Although his PUBG streams have slowed down, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins remains one of the most popular and skilled PUBG players of all time. He has seventeen million followers on Twitch, and he’s arguably the most popular streamer in the industry.

According to stats trackers, Ninja amassed some incredible numbers while streaming PUBG. He claimed a 9.94 K/D ratio and won 40% of the 6600 matches he played. The numbers speak for themselves – he’s definitely a world-class PUBG streamer.

8. Atro

Image Credit: Guru Gamer

Atro’s real name isn’t known, but his skill as a PUBG streamer truly is. He’s an Iraqi PUBG Mobile streamer that lives in the Netherlands and puts out content in Arabic. That makes him unique for this list, but he’s a standout contender for many more reasons.

He’s a dominant force on YouTube, boasting more than eleven million subscribers, and his PUBG streams are immensely popular. He’s a crack shot with a sniper, and can snatch a win in no time at all with a scoped rifle.

9. Tobias ‘Panda’ Naslund

Image Credit: Blue Panda (YouTube)

Panda is the first Scandinavian PUBG streamer on this list, and he’s certainly one of the best. There are ten million YouTube subscribers that can attest to that fact, and when he goes live, tens of thousands of them tune in.

He’s one of the most highly skilled PUBG and PUBG Mobile players there is. There’s no question he’s a super popular force in the PUBG space, and he’s definitely deserving of a spot on this list.

10. Dana Dima ‘DanucD’ Gard

Image Credit: Heavy Bullets

The final PUBG streamer on our list is also the most popular female PUBG streamer in the world. DanucD is a Latvian player with a massive following, with more than 1.2 million subscribers across both YouTube and Twitch.

She’s a top-class PUBG player and dominates the game with ease. Like Panda, DanucD balances between both PUBG Mobile and PUBG desktop, making her a versatile and multi-faceted player.