RLCS Betting Guide

Learn how to maximise your Rocket League betting potential with this guide.

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Want to try some RLCS betting? You should! After all, Rocket League is easily the most exciting esport around, and it always provides some awesome betting entertainment.

So we’ve put together this short guide that tells you all about the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) along with some facts about who has the best Rocket League odds and bonuses. Keep reading this guide and take your RLCS betting to the next level!

rlcs betting guide
Image Credit: Psyonix

All About the Rocket League Championship Series

Everyone knows that Rocket League is a seriously exciting video game that blends soccer and cars. So it was no surprise when the game’s creators – Psyonix – decided to create an esports tournament for the game.

The Rocket League Championship Series has now been in operation since 2016, and while it has experienced a few changes in its format, it’s still widely regarded as one of the best Rocket League tournaments.

Previous Winners of the Rocket League Championship Series

Successful RLCS betting is all about knowing how past forms could affect future results. So with that in mind, here is a quick look at who has won this most exciting of Rocket League tournaments in the past:

  • August 2016: iBUYPOWER Cosmic
  • December 2016: Flipside Tactics
  • June 2017: Northern Gaming
  • November 2017: Gale Force Esports
  • June 2018: Dignitas
  • November 2018: Cloud9
  • June 2019: Renault Vitality
  • December 2019: NRG Esport
  • August 2022: Team BDS

Your Next Chance to Enjoy Some RLCS Betting

The great news is that you shouldn’t have to wait too long to enjoy even more RLCS betting. This is because the final of the next Rocket League Championship Series is due to take place in August 2023. The esports tournament is already underway and, although the location of the final is yet to be revealed, it looks like it’s got the biggest-ever prize pool yet of a staggering $2,100,000!

The Best RLCS Betting Sites

Each of the betting sites featured in this resource will be able to give you a great RLCS betting service. These are all licensed bookmakers so you’ll be given a safe way to play, and they’ll give you consistently good Rocket League odds too. Plus we can even reveal which sites let you enjoy some fantasy RLCS gaming. Just don’t forget to pick up your welcome bonus on the way in!

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Tips for Superior RLCS Betting

We believe that RLCS betting is great fun and it’ll get even more enjoyable if you follow these tips!

  • Set yourself a budget
  • Remember that upsets do happen
  • Try handicap betting to get better odds for the favourite
  • Use whatever bonuses are available
  • Read the small print of the betting site and its bonuses

Conclusion: Keep it Here for More About RLCS Betting

We think that RLCS betting is only going to get more popular as more people get into the game. This means that more and more betting sites are going to give you odds by which you can bet on Rocket League. Naturally, we’ll be reviewing each of these betting sites to tell you which is best. So watch this space to see which bookmakers take RLCS betting to the next level!


Yes, you definitely can. All of the best esports betting sites will give you lots of odds for each game in the Rocket League Championship Series.

We think so. After all, it features dozens of teams taking part from all over the world to show every who is best at playing Rocket League.