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Published: Jul 16, 2021 - Last Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Genshin Impact is a magical action role-playing game released by miHoYo on September 28th, 2020. The game was released on multiple platforms that included PC, iOS, Android, and PS4/PS5. However, the fans are still waiting for an official Genshin Impact Switch release.

From the moment it came out, Genshin Impact was showered with praise and would end up being one of the biggest hits of 2020. The game had over 20 million pre-registered players before it was even released, and as time went by, those numbers kept steadily increasing. With this much popularity behind the game, and the large number of Nintendo fans begging for it, it’s only a matter of time before we see Genshin Impact Switch.

The World of Teyvat

Genshin Impact completely pulls you in the very moment you start the game. You’re greeted with this calm, yet uplifting intro song that sets the perfect mood for the adventure to come. As you begin your journey, you’re introduced to the charming nation of Mondstadt and the lush green landscape where you’ll be spending the majority of your next few days in.

It’s a beautifully crafted world that you can explore whenever you want, and in whatever way or order you choose to. Unlike many of the recent ARPG games, Genshin Impact offers total freedom to explore the world and marvel at all the beauty that it offers. There’s quests and a main storyline that you can continue at any point, but the exploration is what truly sets this game apart from its competitors. Finding small treasures and hidden secrets is just one of the unique treats that make Genshin Impact so truly remarkable.

And to make this journey even more exciting, you’ll be accompanied by Paimon, who will turn even the most difficult story situations into something positive and cheerful. Nothing beats making a warm cup of coffee in the morning and traveling the world of Teyvat alongside your trusted companion.

Genshin Impact

What makes Genshin Impact stand out?

The reason why Genshin Impact is so unique is that miHoYo managed to create a beautiful free-to-play ARPG game, but added a gacha element to it without causing an uproar.

You see, Genshin Impact has what you’d call Banners, which include both new characters and unique weapons, and these banners have a fixed rotation within the game. The players can spend the free currency they slowly accumulate while playing the game, or opt to spend real money to directly roll on these banners. Each time a player purchases one 10x roll on the banner, they have a chance to get one or multiple characters from that banner, including the main limited character that comes with it. This works the same way for weapons.

The reason this is important is because this mechanic is usually found in mobile games only, and Genshin Impact might be the first game released on PC to do this successfully. It has opened the door for other developers to do the same thing and try to replicate miHoYo approach.

As a result, we might see more and more free-to-play games be released in the future with these types of mechanics. It’s a fine line, and balancing between profit and having generous rates is something many game companies fail at. So far, Genshin Impact has been doing a good job, though.

Will Genshin Impact be released on Switch?

Right now, there’s hints and rumors about a possible Genshin Impact Switch release, but nothing has been confirmed by miHoYo.

The game was supposed to be released on Nintendo Switch, among the other platforms it’s currently released on, but that didn’t happen. This could be due to several reasons. Either miHoYo is still polishing the game and optimizing it for Nintendo’s console or their progress is stalled by Nintendo’s weaker hardware. Perhaps they still need to sort out some extra steps before Genshin Impact is approved by Nintendo first before they can fully release it.

As of this moment, there’s no exact release date but it does look like Genshin Impact Switch is still happening. Hopefully, we’ll have some news from miHoYo pretty soon, but until then we still have Genshin Impact on PC to keep us busy.

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