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Abios Boss Oskar Bonnevier Fröberg Steps Down, Co-Founder Anton Janér to Replace

Esports data provider Abios has announced it has appointed CTO Anton Janér as its new managing director. Janér will replace Oskar…

The Head of Trading of DATA.BET on AI, Licensed Content and the Future of Esports Betting

In the world of betting, traders compile betting options so that bettors can get the best offers and odds. DATA.BET offers…

Team Vitality Pens Data Partnership with Abios to Enhance Fan Experience

European esports organization Team Vitality has announced a partnership with data provider Abios as part of an initiative to enhance fan…

Fnatic Announces Multi-Year, 7-figure Deal with Betify

Fnatic has announced a multi-year deal with crypto betting site Betify, as per an announcement on April 24. Betify is set…

The Growth of the Esports Industry

ESIC launches the FairPlay Academy, an anti-cheating education programme

Heroic’s CEO Oliver Valsgaard talks Thunderpick partnership

Cheating in Esports – Talking about the Taboo

Betway exiting Japanese market, partners told

Faker Net Worth 2024: Discovering the Wealth of the LoL Pro Gamer

Bugha Net Worth: What are Kyle Giersdorf’s Earnings?

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