S1mple Moved to Inactive: Going on Break

Published: Oct 26, 2023

Counter-Strike’s best-ever player, s1mple, took to X to announce his taking a break from competition, shortly after it was reported that NAVI were close to completing the signing of a fellow Ukrainian AWPer, w0nderful from Sprout, as his replacement.

In his post on X, s1mple stated that he wanted to take a break for some time, explaining that he “needs to fix documents and take care of other people in his life”.

Additionally, he added that he hadn’t thought about joining a different organization, but he is interested in what offers might come his way, even entertaining the idea of him switching his role from an AWPer to a rifler on a new squad, largely due to the sniper rifle’s lessened impact in CS2.

On top of that, the 26-year-old mentioned that during his leave he will be “working on his own CS2-related project”, but also said that it is too early to make an announcement or share any further details.

End of an Era

With s1mple departing NAVI’s active roster and moving to the bench, his wildly successful seven-year stint with the Ukrainian organization comes to an end, during which he collected 17 big trophies, including a Major and an Intel Grand Slam win.

In addition, the Ukrainian has finished the year as the best player in the world a record three times, which is one of the main reasons for him being considered the Counter-Strike GOAT by a vast majority of the community.

Header image: NAVI via X (@natusvincere)

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