Top PayPal Betting Sites 2021

Everything You Need To Know


PayPal is an online payment method that has been around now for over 20 years. It grew in popularity with the development of auction sites like eBay as it offered its account holders a way to pay for goods online, without having to forward any financial details.

Users set up a PayPal account using an email address and can also set up a funding source, such as a bank account, or credit/debit card linked to their PayPal account. You can then add funds to your PayPal account and then use that balance to make purchases or for a wide variety of other transactions.

What users find useful with PayPal is that when you pay for something, it will first use the funds in your PayPal account, however, if you do not have funds available, the transaction will be completed using your other authorised payment method. This means you don’t actually need to have the cash in your PayPal account, provided you have that secondary payment method linked to it.

Given this flexibility, one of the most increasingly popular methods for using PayPal is when betting on PayPal betting sites that will accept this payment method.

So what Esports PayPal betting sites are there available? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Esports Betting Sites that Accept PayPal

One of the pleasing aspects about using PayPal to fund your esports betting is that because the payment method is very widely known and popular with customers, a growing number of betting sites accepting PayPal as a means of payment and withdrawal.

Some of the top esports betting sites with PayPal as a payment option are as follows:

Bonus Offer
Editor Rating
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGRocket LeagueHearthstoneKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGFortniteHearthstoneVaingloryKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Overwatch
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Starcraft 2Call of DutyPUBGRocket LeagueHearthstoneVaingloryKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Starcraft 2Hearthstone
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGFortniteRocket LeagueHearthstone

How to use PayPal to Bet on Esports

If you have joined one of the PayPal betting sites listed above and want to know how you can use PayPal to fund your betting

PayPal for betting sites

How to deposit using PayPal Betting Sites

Obviously, the first thing to do when looking at depositing at PayPal betting sites, is to set up your PayPal account. Once you have set up your personal account on the site with all your information, you then need to set up a link to a bank account or debit or credit card in order to fund the account,

Using a bank account or debit card to make transactions is generally free, but if you use a credit card, then there is usually a charge (of around 2.9% of the value of the transfer). However, credit card deposits are available instantly, while it can take longer for bank transfer payments to be credited to your account.

Once you have set up your PayPal account in this way, simply head on over to your selection from the range of PayPal betting sites available and click on the PayPal option when asked how you wish to make your deposit.

You can then follow the on-screen instructions to deposit cash into your account.

However, remember, if your PayPal account does not have sufficient funds to make the deposit, then PayPal will use your linked payment source to fund the transaction.

betting sites that accept Paypal

How to withdraw funds from Betting Sites with PayPal

The positive news for customers seeking to withdraw their funds from any of the PayPal betting sites is that the process is very similar to making a deposit. You just transfer the money the other way!

Simply head on over to the account section of any of the PayPal betting sites you are a member of and click on the Withdrawal option.

You can then state how much you want to transfer from your account balance into your PayPal account.

One thing to note here though is that your sportsbook may insist on completing some form of verification before they authorise a withdrawal. This is to ensure you are who you say you are and also to stop money laundering and fraud. You may be asked to provide forms of ID to complete this process, which can take a week or two to complete.

However, you only have to complete this process once and once you have been verified, your withdrawals will proceed immediately.

Once the funds are in your PayPal account, you can either keep them there for future purchases or withdraw them. Some withdrawal options are free (such as bank transfer), but others incur a charge (such as withdrawing to a credit card).

betting sites with Paypal

Key benefits of using Esports Betting Sites accepting PayPal

One of the main benefits when using betting sites with PayPal as a payment option is that only fully licensed and approved sites can be used with PayPal.

That’s because PayPal will not fund an unapproved site with funds if they are linked to many different forms of betting. So, you can be sure that if a company offers PayPal as a funding method, then they are going to be safe, fair, and offer responsible gaming.

PayPal customers also enjoy other advantages on betting sites that accept PayPal. Transactions do not require your bank details, credit card number, or similar to complete, so they are safe and secure. Depositing funds is quick and easy and the flexibility of using PayPal for a huge number of other online transactions, not just on PayPal betting sites, makes it very attractive for people who want to use their account for other purposes too.

Are there any disadvantages of using PayPal Betting Sites?

The only disadvantage of using PayPal on betting sites, or indeed with any other form of transaction, are the fees that are associated with some forms of payments or withdrawals, notably credit cards.

However, if you are able to link another payment source, such as a bank account, to your PayPal account, then you can enjoy fee-free wagering on all the top PayPal betting sites.


Without a doubt, using PayPal for betting sites is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of running your account. It can also be free to use if you link your bank account and use that as a funding source, rather than a credit card (which incurs fees).

Given how widely PayPal is used and accessed, it has become the default payment method for many sports and esports betting fans.

PayPal Betting Sites FAQ's

Yes, you can, but only if you use a site that has been approved by PayPal for your gambling. Any site that has not been approved by PayPal will not offer the service to its customers.

Yes, betting sites accepting PayPal also include a wide range of sites that offer esports betting, as well as specialist esports betting sites. Again, these sites have to be approved by PayPal before they can offer it as a method of payment.

Simply head to your account section, click on withdraw, enter how much you want to withdraw, and then select PayPal as your withdrawal method. You must of course have a PayPal account set up and have used it to fund your sports or esports betting account and you may also have to complete a verification process with your site if this is your first withdrawal with them.

Once the funds have been withdrawn, they will be in your PayPal account usually within 24-48 hours.