Corner Bet Specialist: Start Betting on Corners Like an Expert

Posted on June 8, 2023 - Last Updated on August 17, 2023

Corner betting is big news and so we’ve prepared this guide that gives you all of the corner betting tips you’ll ever need to become a corner bet specialist. We’ll cover the basics of how to bet on corners and answer all of those common questions like, ‘What is corner range in betting?’ This means that you can come up with your own corner betting strategy and enjoy a superior way to bet on football. So join us to see why so many people are starting to bet on corners.

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Introduction to Corner Betting

Corner betting, as the name suggests, is basically where you bet on how many corners will be gained over the course of a football match.

Here are the different types of corner bets that you might come across at all good corner betting sites:

  • How many corners will be gained over the whole of a match
  • How many corners a particular team will get in a match
  • How many corners will be gained in a particular half of a match

These bets are usually put on in the form of an over/under bet. So you might see a bookmaker offering a bet for Full Time Total Corners at 7.5. This means that you would then bet on whether there would be more or less than 7.5 corners occurring over the whole of a game.

Why is Corner Betting so popular?

Corner betting is popular because it simply offers you a different way to bet on football. Rather than betting on the match result or goals scored, you can sometimes find value in those games where both teams get a lot of corners.

It’s a particularly good kind of bet to try when you have two attacking teams who aren’t necessarily able to convert all of their chances into a goal. Above all, corner betting is a great way to liven up a game of football, even if it turns out to be a goalless draw.

corner bet specialist

How to Become a Corner Bet Specialist

If you want to successfully bet on corners, you will need a good corner-betting strategy that includes:

  • Understand, analyze and interpret the odds: A corner bet specialist needs to grasp the odds by weighing the probabilities and making a calculated decision. The ability to analyze and interpret odds can be the difference between winning and losing.
  • The importance of research: To become a successful corner bet specialist, research is key. You need to understand the teams, their tactics, and their history. Look for teams that tend to win more corners and those that concede more. Analyze individual games to understand the dynamics that lead to corners. Obviously, those teams that are renowned for their attacking play are the most likely to get more corners, while those that sit back and hope to counterattack will get fewer corners.
  • Keeping up with player news: Changes in a team’s lineup, strategies, or key players can affect the corner count.
  • Understanding the context within which the game is being played: Being aware of the context of the overall season or tournament that the teams are playing in. This is because you’re likely to see more corners in a knockout tournament like the Champions League knock-out rounds compared to a dead rubber game in the Premier League.

Corner Bets: Getting Started

It’s so easy to bet on corners at any of the corner betting sites featured on our list. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up to the betting site and verify your account.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Navigate to the sports betting section and pick which football match your want to bet on.
  4. Scroll through the list of betting markets until you find the corners betting area.
  5. Select the corner betting odds you want to bet on, enter your stake and submit your bet.

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Corner Range Meaning: What is Corner Range 0-8?

mystake sports bonus

You will usually see bookmakers offering you a range of corners that will potentially occur during the course of a match.

One of the most common is the corner range 0-8. Simply put, this means that the bookies are offering a bet that there will be between zero and eight corners in any listed match.

In general, bookmakers expect around nine corners in most football matches, so offering this market provides them with a profit margin.

However, 0-8 corners is just one of the many common corner ranges that you are likely to see.

Others include:

  • Corner range 0-4 meaning: Whether there will be between none and four corners occurring in a game.
  • Corner range 3-4 meaning: This is a tighter kind of bet where you’re predicting that there will only be either three or four corners in a game.
  • Corner range 5-6 meaning: Here you are simply betting that there will be five or six corners earned in a match.
  • Corner range 9-11 meaning: This is an optimistic bet that there will be anywhere between nine and 11 corners occurring in a game.

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Become a corner bet specialist

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Some of our Favourite Corner Betting Tips

Worried about making your corners bets? Fear not as these corners betting tips is here to help you out.

  • Combine with other bets: Lots of betting sites let you combine bets, so you could bet on something like the team to win the most corners as well as the team to win the match.
  • Watch the late starters: Some teams start slowly but get better as the game goes on. Bear this in mind when you are betting on how many corners are gained in each half.
  • Watch the local derbies: These games can always throw up plenty of fireworks and are a good choice for betting that there will be lots of corners.

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Play at the Best Corner Betting Sites

The good news is that the vast majority of betting sites now let you bet on corners. Just bear in mind that there can be quite a lot of difference in terms of how many corners betting markets you can access, as well as the overall odds on offer.

So be sure to shop around before you put down your corners bets.

Stay here for more Corner Betting Tips

Becoming a corner bet specialist isn’t easy—it requires diligence, analytical skills, and a sound understanding of football. However, with patience and the right strategies, you can turn this niche area of sports betting into something enjoyable and worth your while.

We’ve shown you that betting on corners offers you a great new way to think about betting on football. No longer will you be locked into making bets on the result or even the goals scored, as you can simply enjoy betting on a completely different facet of the game.

This is just part of our series of betting guides that all aim to give you greater control over how you bet. Remember that each of these guides will be constantly updated, so make sure that you check back here to get even more corner-betting tips.


What is corner betting?

Corner betting involves placing bets on the number of corners in a football match.

What is the role of research in becoming a corner bet specialist?

Research is key in understanding the teams, their tactics, and their history, which can impact the number of corners in a game.

What is the corner bet strategy?

Corner betting is a strategy in soccer betting where you place bets on the number of corner kicks during a game.


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