Abios Gaming Launches Game Changing Player Age Compliance Solution for Esports Betting

Published: Mar 22, 2021

There is a lot more to running a successful esports betting site than simply offering a wide selection of the latest esports betting odds. Ensuring your site is compliant with the laws in the lands in which you operate is a significant issue and in particular, ensuring competitors are of a legal age when offering betting markets on events has been somewhat problematic for companies in the past.

However, Abios has announced that it has developed a solution that will enable esports betting sites and other esports companies to ensure compliance with regards to player age legislation, can be maintained.

The add-on can be customised to ensure that companies receive updated information on the expected rosters of teams, the age of the players competing on those teams (complete with birthdate information).

In addition, the software will also provide a clear indication of the percentage of underage players competing for teams in major tournaments across the most popular esports titles.

“Increased Demand and Incoming Regulations”

Speaking about the add on, the CEO of Abios, Oskar Froberg, remarked:

“Over the past 18 months, we have offered player age compliance as an add-on service for several of our large customers in the affected jurisdictions. Due to the increased demand and incoming regulations in more regions, we are happy to announce that esports compliance will now officially become part of our product offering.”

“Having run the product in a live environment for an extended period, without any errors, we can now comfortably offer it to the broader market.”

This means that when a company subscribes to the service, then their relevant department, such as the Betway esports department or the GGbet esports dynamic team, will receive a weekly document with the relevant data for the biggest esports tournament for the week ahead.

This will then allow the odds setters to ensure that their odds offered are compliant with local laws about betting on any players under the stated age (which is 18 in many parts of the world but can be different in some jurisdictions).

Commenting about the add on, Mr. Froberg added:

“With the esports industry gradually maturing, integrity and compliance have increasingly started becoming important topics for anyone offering odds. We are incredibly happy to be able to facilitate and help build a compliant and legitimate foundation for the industry.”

Increasing Legislation On Underage Esports Competitors

While esports betting companies have long been working hard to eradicate under-age gambling by introducing a number of measures on their site when signing up and betting, the issue with under-age competitors is a relatively new phenomenon.

Countries such as the United States, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have all introduced a number of regulations regarding betting on minors or betting on games where minors make up some or all of the participants.

Problematically, the rules that apply in one jurisdiction may be significantly different from those that apply in another and this is where issues have occurred for esports betting service providers.

This new solution from Abios is a potential solution for the issue, but it does rely on Abios having not only up to date and accurate data, but also means the company needs to ensure that it can track the many different moves that players make between teams over the course of the year. Ensuring this data is accurate, before sending it out to esports betting sites will be fundamental to the success of the solution.

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