Esports Odds Tracker

Our esports betting odds tracker has the latest available esports odds for upcoming matches on esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2League of Legends, Fortnite, HearthstoneSMITE, FIFA, Call of Duty, StarCraft 2 and many more. Use our brief gaming guides to jump to any games specific details, gameplay and statistics. Unclear on how to read esports odds? Give our two-minute guide to esports betting lines a read.

Betting on esports has become immensely popular. Many respectable sportsbooks started handicapping these events. Betway, Bet365, Pinnacle Sports, and are among the major betting shops that now accept action on esports. There are also specialized esports betting shops.

There are multiple ways to bet on esports. These mimic common bets on traditional sports, including football, basketball and hockey.

An esports event typically offers two types of wagers. One is a point spread and the other is a money line. Not all events will offer a point spread. If a game is likely to be decided by a very small point margin, only a money line bet will be offered.

What is an esport money line?

A money line predicts an outright winner. There is no point spread. The handicap is based on the amount a player must lay or the multiple he will win on an underdog. For example, a favorite will be listed with a minus sign in fixed American odds. The minus sign denotes how much a player must lay to win $100.

A favorite of -200 would require a player to bet $200. If his bet wins, he receives $300. This includes his original $200 and the $100 prize. An underdog would be displayed as a plus sign. A +200 underdog would win $200 for every $100 wagered. If the underdog wins the game, the bettor will receive $300, the $100 original bet and the $200 prize.

Many countries outside the U.S. use decimal money lines. This number shows what one can expect to win if betting $100 or 100 of another currency if the esports site uses an alternative. A number of two is even. A game with a decimal line of 2 would award $200 if $100 was wagered. A +130 underdog would show as 2.3 in European spreads. Favorites are displayed with the decimal line starting with a 1 because a player would win less than $100 off a $100 bet.

What is an esport point spread?

A point spread is a point handicap or advantage given by the esportsbook. If a point spread is -1.5, the favorite needs to win by two points to cover and have his betting backers win. A win by just one point would go to the underdog due to the half point. An outright win is not relevant for a favorite unless the spread was just one-half point.

An even numbered spread can push. If the outcome of the game lands on the exact number of the spread, all bettors get their money back. esportsbooks rarely post whole number spreads for this reason.

esports tend to have small point spreads due to competition levels and low scores. This can bring on the need to have a money line on the point spreads. It is common to see spreads that will say -1.5 -130 while the other side is +1.5 +110. This means that the favorite not only has to lay one and a half points, he must also lay $130 to win $100. A European money line would say 1.78 in that scenario as a player betting $100 would win $78.

Read our guide on how to interpret odds and convert odds to percentages so that you’ll be able to work out how much money you’ll make from your bets.

Other forms of esports betting

Live esports betting

Some esportsbooks offer betting while the game is in play. These wagers are displayed in exactly the same format as the entire match wagers. The point spreads are displayed based on a prediction of what the final score will be, not just from the remainder of time left. In other words, if a player laid one and a half points and his team was up by five points at the time, all he would need is for his team to win the entire match by two points or more to win the bet.

Live bettors should make sure to get bets in quickly. Lines can change and wagers can be taken off the board without notice.


Some esportsbooks will allow players to place parlays on unrelated events. The easiest way to determine the amount that will be won on a money line is to multiply the decimals on European lines together. Straight point spreads or a combination of money lines and point spreads will be paid upon posted parlay house rules.


Some sportsbooks that accept esports action offer first deposit bonuses. No two sportsbook bonuses are alike. Most will require a certain amount to be wagered. Some will disguise that as a point level where points are earned based on the amount wagered.

The bonus cannot be withdrawn until the wager requirement is met. Most sportsbooks will not allow a player to cashout at all until the bonus terms have been met. Bonuses often have a time limit before they expire. The common number of days to clear a bonus is typically 60-120.

Always make sure to read the terms and conditions of the bonus. If you do not understand the terms presented, contact player support for a better explanation.

Players are free to opt out of esports bonuses as long as it is done before making any wager. Contact support to cancel any unwanted bonus before placing the first bet.

Line Shopping

The number of sportsbooks that accept esports bets grows every week. This makes line shopping possible. This is when a player compares the lines at one sportsbook with another. A player can get the best line this way by betting at the shop with the best price on the team he wants. In some rare instances, a player may even find a way to bet both sides of an event and guarantee a scenario where he cannot lose. This is called arbitrage.

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