Aydan Net Worth: How does Aydan make his money?

Posted on October 16, 2022 - Last Updated on November 14, 2022

All gamers will be pretty keen to see what Aydan’s net worth is. After all, this guy has become famous for his Call of Duty: Warzone streaming, and he’s a pretty impressive pro gamer. As such, we simply had to include Aydan in our roll call for best-paid gamers.

We found that Aydan makes lots of money from everything from tournament winnings to streaming revenues. However, that’s not the whole picture. So take a look below to see what Aydan’s net worth is.

Net Worth$2 million
Real NameAydan Conrad
Date of Birth25 April 1999
Twitch Followers2.9 million
YouTube Subscribers1.43 million

Aydan Net Worth

Who is Aydan?

Aydan is a popular gamer who is well-known for his skills in the Call of Duty: Warzone game. He was born under the name Aydan Conrad in Texas in 1999, and he quickly became known for his CoD gameplay, as well as his skills for games like Fortnite. This has made Aydan a hugely popular figure on Twitch and YouTube, where his fame is increased thanks to his ongoing relationship with MissSweets8. Not bad for just a regular kid from Texas!

How does Aydan make money?

Aydan is one of the world’s highest-paid gamers, and he largely splits his money between his competition prize winnings and what he gets in terms of revenues from streaming platforms. Here’s how Aydan’s net worth breaks down.

Competition winnings

Aydan has already won well over $250,000 in tournament winnings. While this might not be quite up to the levels of Faker’s net worth, it shows that Aydan has the skills to pay the bills. Major appearances include events like the Fortnite World Cup, where he won $50,000, while his CoD gameplay for Ghost Gaming and New York Subliners is legendary.

Streaming revenues

Aydan is hugely popular on YouTube and Twitch. He has the most popular English-language Warzone channel on Twitch, and while he can’t match PewDiePie’s net worth just yet, he is certainly raking in cash. Such is Aydan’s popularity on Twitch that he signed an exclusivity contract with the platform, and he regularly lives streams to over 10,000 viewers. Plus, he has already amassed 154 million video views since he set up his YouTube account in 2013.

Sponsorship deals

As such a leading esports player, Aydan has used his celebrity to forge big-money sponsorship deals with brands such as MSI, Hello Fresh, Current, Dawn, and Optix.

Your guide to the Aydan net worth

Aydan is one of the hottest new talents in gaming, and he’s already shown that he can make a lot of money from his gameplay and streaming. From his hugely popular Warzone channel on Twitch to his YouTube activities, it seems that we will see plenty more from Aydan in the future. So watch this space to be the first to know what Aydan’s net worth is!

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