Faker Net Worth 2024: Discovering the Wealth of the LoL Pro Gamer

Published: Mar 17, 2024 - Last Updated: Mar 19, 2024

If you’re talking about pro gamers making money from esports, you need to take a look at Faker’s net worth. This is because this gamer isn’t just one of the all-time greats of League of Legends, but he has managed to make a lot of cash by doing so.

Not only has Faker become one of the most fearsome mid-laners on the planet, but he’s shown some clever business acumen along the way. From knowing which pro gaming teams to play for to knowing which esports organizations to invest in, Faker has it all down.

We must also remember that Faker has earned a fair amount of cash from all of those lucrative sponsorship deals. So let’s have a closer look at the current Faker net worth!


Net Worth$8-12 million
Real NameLee Sang-hyeok
Date of Birth7 May 1996
ProfessionPro gamer
NationalitySouth Korean
Twitch Followers3.9 million
YouTube Subscribers1.85 million
Total Esports Winnings$1,547,654

Faker Net Worth

Who is Faker?

Everyone knows that Faker is one of the best League of Legends players of all time. He’s kind of like the Lionel Messi of  esports.

After all, he’s the only gamer who’s become the four-time champion of LoL Worlds, and has also become a two-time champion of MSI and won the LCK an incredible 11 times. When you combine all of this with Faker being a champion of IEM and Rift Rivals, we can see that we’re in the presence of a true pro gaming legend.

Of course, even all-time greats like Faker can have pretty humble origins. He was born Lee Sang-hyeok in Seoul, South Korea on 7 May 1996. From an early age, Faker showed a major interest in puzzles and video games, and so it wasn’t long before he advanced to playing custom maps for the likes of Warcraft III.

However, the major move came when Faker discovered League of Legends in 2011. From here, he proved to have an innate talent for the game and it was no major surprise when Faker made the decision to drop out of high school to forge a career in esports.

The esports organization, SK Telecom 1K was the first to notice Faker’s talent back in 2013 and he helped them win their first LoL Worlds title in the same year. From here, Faker has dominated League of Legends. All of which goes just some way to explaining the huge Faker LoL net worth.

How does Faker make money?

Esports is a true entertainment phenomenon, and it’s pretty common to see the highest-paid gamers drawing their money from some diverse revenue streams. Here’s how the Faker League of Legends net worth got to be so impressive, being one of the best streamers of League of Legends.

When it comes to how much does Faker make a year, this amount depends on a combination of competition earnings, salary and also sponsorship deals.

Pro gaming

There is little doubt that Faker has earned a fair amount of his money from competition prizes over the past decade. Plus his signing fees for esports teams have been remarkably lucrative. In 2017 we saw Faker renewing his contract with SKT for a reported $2.5 million and this figure will be dwarfed by what he has earned in recent years.

Team ownership

Obviously, Faker has a few years of pro gaming left in him, but it’s clear that he’s already thinking about the future. After all, we recently saw him becoming a part-owner in the T1 Entertainment & Sports organisation in early 2020.


Faker is followed by millions of people on YouTube and Twitch, never mind all of the  Chinese and Korean streaming platforms. All of this means that he’ll get a lot more extra money every time that some of his content is streamed.


Given that Faker is arguably the best LoL gamer of all time, it’s no major surprise that he’s inked some massive sponsorship deals. Over the past few years, we’ve seen Faker being sponsored by major brands such as Razer, Nike and Red Bull. All of which should have significantly contributed to the Faker net worth.

Watch this space for more about Faker

It’s nice to see some people in the gaming community making money from their actual gaming. We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with earning cash from things like prank videos and TikTok challenges, it’s just that the Faker net worth seems a little more related to actual esports than the Sssniperwolf net worth.

Obviously, pro gamers like Faker can only last at such a competitive level for so long. This means that we can expect Faker to start to make a switch from gaming to other areas of the industry in the coming years. All of which could have a major impact on the Faker net worth. So keep it here to get the latest updates about how Faker makes his money!

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What is Faker’s net worth?

Lee Sang-hyeok, also known by his IGN “Faker,” is estimated to have an estimated net worth of around $10,000,000.

How much is Faker’s salary?

Based on multiple sources, it is believed that Faker’s salary is in the range of $5-6 million per year.

How much does Faker spend monthly?

According to his interview on the Korean talk show Radio Star, Faker’s monthly expenses were around $200 a couple of years ago – likely this has increased slightly over the years.
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