CSGORoll Announces Merger with Ancient Gaming, Team Grows 300%

Published: May 2, 2024 - Last Updated: May 3, 2024

CSGORoll, a CS2 skins platform, has announced plans to merge with software company Ancient Gaming. As per a release from May 1, the two companies will merge to expand the workforce of CSGORoll by around 300%, substantially increasing the size of the company.

Ancient Gaming and CSGORoll have had a strategy partnership since 2018, with the former providing software development and operational expertise to the latter. 

The 300% increase will see CSGORoll’s workforce rise from 35 employees to a total of 104, with more expansion planned for the future. CSGORoll is currently creating 31 new job roles, including chief of staff, CHRO, head of customer operations and head of talent acquisition. In total, the skins platform will expand to 135 staff by the end of 2024.

A CSGORoll spokesperson commented on the merger: 

“Our number one commitment is, and always has been, to provide our players with the best possible experience. We know that combining Ancient Gaming’s expertise with CSGORoll will create a potent synergy that promises to elevate our community’s experience.

We are excited by the calibre of senior staff we have already hired in the past year, and can’t wait to welcome future employees into the fold as we continue to grow our market leading skins platform.”

Beyond just the reveal of a merger, the platform has introduced what it called “defiant new policies” to prevent minors using their skins betting platform. To this end, CSGORoll has announced it’s the first skins platform to introduce 100% ID verification for all games, including case battles.

CSGORoll’s spokesperson also commented on the improved ID verification and safety features: 

“At CSGORoll, user safety and responsible operations continue to be paramount. Our introduction of 100% ID verification is an industry first, and we urge all other operators to match our commitment as we continue to lead the way in self-regulation. This commitment demonstrates our promise to deliver a safe environment for all, and reaffirms our dedication to responsible practices.

We want to create a secure and enjoyable environment for all our users and to set a benchmark that other platforms will follow. We are determined to keep the skins ecosystem safe through self-regulation.”

To celebrate the introduction of ID verification and to raise awareness of community safety, the platform is also planning a 200,000 coins giveaway for users of their website.

CSGORoll is a gamified CS2 skins platform that offers games including case battles, unboxings, pinko, and more. The site offers a safe place for players to win, buy, and sell CS2 skins, and then game with those skins.

Ancient Gaming is a software development company with a focus on iGaming. After a near six-year strategic partnership, the company has been acquired by CSGORoll.

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