Kick vs Twitch – Which is the Best Streaming platform?

Published: Jun 30, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 12, 2024

In the world of streaming, there’s only two real contenders in 2024. Twitch and Kick both cater to a different market in practice, but they’re both after the same thing. To be the number 1 streamer, the go to sight for live streaming of all kinds, whether it’s video games, IRL, or anything else.

Comparing them one on one, Kick vs Twitch, which is the superior service?

Kick VS Twitch

Most fans of anything that’s streamed likely have their own preference, but there’s categories where both excel. We can look at them both directly to see which is the superior streamer. Twitch might be the established name, but Kick has gained fast in some areas, even attracting some of the highest paid streamer to enter the platform.

Kick vs Twitch in 2024

Looking at both Kick and Twitch, there’s some key areas where we can compare them. Both offer live streaming, although, each seems to have developed to have a different focus.

Whether you’re looking for a new streamer you can follow, or to kick-start your own live streaming career, you’ll need to know which platform you prefer.

For streaming, it kind of is a popularity contest. If there aren’t viewers to tune into a stream, it’s difficult to get much of a following. Having the more popular service will naturally lead to dominance over time. Streamers gravitate to where the audience is, and audiences go to the platform to find their favorite streamer.

In terms of popularity in Twitch v Kick, there’s a clear winner. Twitch is much more popular. Absurdly more popular actually. Most months Twitch’s numbers don’t come close. Most recently, Twitch had around 2,326,000 average concurrent viewers in May and Twitch typically sits around 100-200,000 a month. In fact, Kick’s best ever month is half a million share of your average month for Twitch in 2024.

Essentially if you’re looking to stream or watch anything but one category, Twitch is the place to be. The established platforms dwarfs the newcomer in views, especially now the hype’s died down since Kick launching to much fanfare.

Twitch viewers by year
Credit: Bankmycell

Twitch vs Kick – Gaming and Gambling

In a direct comparison it’s hard to forget there’s a very specific reason Kick exists, gambling streamers. It’s basically its core business. When it comes to gaming, Twitch has a near monopoly, nobody really considers Kick for this.

On the other hand, Kick is the undisputed top of gambling streams. These are a more curious area, Twitch had to cut down on gambling streams a little while ago which gave birth to Kick in the first place. While some sites are still allowed like the best esports betting sites, the more popular streamer casinos are only on Kick. The platform is even partially owned by Stake’s owners.

kick gambling stream

If you’re looking to watch this content, go to Kick Gambling. Anything else and you’re probably better off on Twitch. This is a section that’s pretty cut and dry for Kick V Twitch.

Which is Better for Viewers?

The experience watching a stream is definitely a factor in comparing them. Here, the older name in the space still seems to have the lead. Twitch has a build-up of functionality and features over the years which make it an easier place to be to watch streamers. There’s even social features on Twitch.

There’s a better system for subscriptions, chat works better, the site is more stable, there’s even extra features like clips. Although, the site is more popular which can mean a less personal experience watching a streamer.

If you’re going to kick for the more bespoke experience, tuning into a small streamer for that kind of community, Kick has its charms. However, for sheer usability Twitch is the superior choice.

Which is better for new Streamers, Kick or Twitch?

The next thing to consider in Twitch vs Kick is which is better to stream on. When Kick launched, it wasn’t just focusing on bringing back gambling streams. In fact, Kick’s main claim to fame originally was giving streamers a bigger piece of the pie. A much bigger piece.

Kick streamers take home 95% of revenue, however, on Twitch they’re limited to 70%. If you have a following, Kick might be the better site to be on. Although, building a following is another story.

Twitch has the audience. If you’re hoping to convert casual browsers to long-term fans then Twitch gives you much better odds. Kick might have the advantage in terms of giving streamers the better deal, but that income is going to be harder to establish in the first place.

Kick vs Twitch Revenue by Platform
Credit: KICK

Better for Esports

Esports streams are becoming kind of like watching normal sports, they’re not available everywhere. Some games like to be broadcast widely on YouTube, their own sites, and platforms. In Kick vs Twitch which has better esports games on offer though?

Twitch has pretty much everything outside of a few exclusivity deals. Kick doesn’t really have any major esports, partially due to the gambling image making them less attractive for these deals. In this category, Twitch is the clear winner.

Which is the Better Streamer: Kick vs Twitch? 

Both have their pros and cons, but which is the better streaming platform? There’s a simple answer and it kind of depends on what you want. If you’re looking at gambling streaming, then it’s Kick you want. It’s the home of these streams and much better suited for this purpose.

On the other hand, Twitch feels like the better service for just about everyone else. Anyone who isn’t interested in watching gambling will likely be on Twitch. The site works better, it has more features, it’s a stronger experience. However, that does come at the expense of earnings for a streamer.

Twitch would seem to be the stronger service really. Despite launching with the idea of knocking the old king Twitch off its pedestal by handing over cash to streamers, Kick has mainly been relegated to gambling streams now. There are smaller bespoke gaming communities on there too. Although, in a direct comparison like Kick vs Twitch the winner is obvious.

Next up: Is Kick becoming the controversial new home for gambling streams?

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