The Top Ten Highest Paid Streamers in 2024

Published: Mar 20, 2024


  • Jynxzi, Shlorox & KaiCenat are the top three highest paid streamers in 2024, based on estimated monthly earnings.
  • caseoh_, Gaules, Tumblurr and Papaplatte are also among the top ten highest paid streamers in 2024.
  • These earnings are based on estimated monthly earnings since the start of 2024, using publicly available statistics.
  • Streamers are paid through bits, subscriptions, ads, and sponsorships, with donations and Twitch Ambassador titles also being potential sources of income.
  • Honorable mentions for the all-time highest paid streamers include Ninja, Shroud, TimTheTatman, DrDisrespect, Summit1g, Syndicate, Pokimane, DrLupo, Tfue, and Myth.
  • Twitch is a highly attractive platform for streamers and viewers, offering various ways for them to interact with each other.

Everyone wants to know who the top ten highest-paid streamers on Twitch in 2024 are. Indeed, free viewership is one of the defining features of esports, and Twitch is the most popular streaming platform out there. As esports matures, so do viewership and streaming, which is why we’re providing an updated list of the highest-paid Twitch streamers in 2024.

The 10 Highest Paid Streamers in 2024

Before you read who’s on our list of highest paid streamers on Twitch you should know that we have not included any organisations such as Riot Games. You’ll only see individual streamers on our list. All values of monthly earnings shown are estimates based on publicly available statistics. Also, earnings estimated are based on potential income from the start of 2024.

So with that out of the way who are the top earners on Twitch? We’ve scoured the pages and have come up with our current top ten highest-paid Twitch streamers of 2024.

RankTwitch StreamerReal NameEstimated Monthly EarningsMain Game/sTwitch Channel
1JynxziNick Stewart$171,018 - $274,110Rainbow Six: Siege, FIFA 23Link
2Shlorox/$72,666 - $226,825Just Chatting, Counter-Strike, RustLink
3KaiCenatKai Carlo Cenat$69,824 - $150,078Just Chatting, The Last of Us Part II: RemasteredLink
4caseoh_/$65,083 - $117,399Just Chatting, 60 Seconds! ReatomizedLink
5GaulesAlexandre Borba Chiqueta $81,684 - $105,727Counter-StrikeLink
6TumblurrGianmarco Tocco$74,442- $100,618Just Chatting, A Difficult Game About ClimbingLink
7PapaplatteKevin Andreas Teller$52,692- $73,363Just Chatting, Grand Theft Auto VLink
8ElraennTuğkan Gönültaş$31,306- $73,413Counter-StrikeLink
9Eliasn97Elias Nerlich$47,540- $68,360VALORANT, Special Events, Just ChattingLink
10HasanAbiHasan Doğan Piker$33,093- $60,706Just ChattingLink

10. HasanAbi – $33,093 – $60,706

HasanAbi highest paid Twitch streamers
Credit: HasanAbi via Twitter (@hasanthehun)

Also making his fortune from Just Chatting, HasanAbi has taken over Twitch with his unique approach to discussing politics while gaming for his North American audience which can’t get enough of his approach.

Using his experience on other broadcast services, Twitch has allowed him to make the most of his personality and push the boundaries of a rather specific niche.

No Twitch earnings leak is necessary to estimate how much one of the highest-paid streamers on Twitch is making -roughly between $33-60,000.

9. EliasN97 – $47,540 – $68,360

EliasN97 highest paid twitter streamers
Credit: EliasN97 via Twitter (@EliasN97)

As one of the top Twitch streamers, EliasN97 finds his place on this prestigious list.

Playing titles such as Elden Ring, XDefiant, Among Us and EA SPORTS FC, this streamer offers a tonne of variety and explains his claim to success in 2024. In addition, the massive number of hours he puts into his stream is certainly contributing to his success, while forming part of the FOKUS media group.

He remains on this list of highest paid streamers on Twitch year after year.

8. Elraenn – $31,306 – $73,413

The Top Ten Highest-Paid Twitch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Elraenn

Another thrilling personality on this list, Tuğkan Gönültaş is a big hit on both Just Chatting and more uniquely, his affinity for Supermarket Simulator.

In addition, Escape the Backrooms was also a massive hit for him.

Averaging 26,864 views in the past month, he has enjoyed a successful peak viewership of 45,312 viewers.

Over the next few months, we’ll be keeping track to see how he climbs this list of the top paid Twitch streamers.

7. Papaplatte – $52,692 – $73,363

The Top Ten Highest-Paid Twitch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Papalatte

Moving on, Kevin Andreas Teller has impressed so far in 2024 with his thrilling Just Chatting streams paired with Grand Theft Auto V content.

Pushing up to $70,000, he has over 20,000 paid subscribers which he continues to attract thanks to his unique and entertaining streams. Finding success early in 2024, we can’t wait to see if he can maintain this momentum.

6. Tumblurr – $74,442 – $100,618

Credit: Tumblurr via Twitch

Imagine being one of the highest-paid streamers while also enjoying a bit of football.

Accordingly, Gianmarco “Tumblurr” Tocco is a new name in the scene, an Italian streamer who hosts watch parties for football while also entertaining his viewers with the titles of GTA, F1 22 and chess too.

While it’s always great to see new names, can he stay relevant for the year to come?

5. Gaules – $81,684 – $105,727

Gaules Highest Paid Twitch Streamers of 2023
Credit: Gaules via Twitter (@Gaules)

Next up is another first-person-shooter streamer who’s been grinding Counter-Strike endlessly.

More specifically, the retired professional CS coach and player made the most of the hype around Counter-Strike 2.0, perhaps putting in the most hours out of anything.

With a unique relationship with his Portuguese viewers, Gaules presence in the streaming community has unlimited potential as he continues to be one of the highest paid streamers on Twitch.

4. caseoh_ – $65,083 – $117,399

The Top Ten Highest-Paid Twitch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Caseoh_

As we move closer to the top of the list of the most paid Twitch streamers, Just Chatting becomes more and more popular as viewers look forward to these open and clear streams.

Unnamed, “caseoh_” has risen to stardom in a matter of months, as he now pulls up to 106,366 peak viewers beyond his 46,676 average viewers for his streams – helping him be one of the highest paid streamers.

In addition, his curious “60 Seconds! Reatomized” streams offer unique content compared to other streamers.

3. KaiCenat – $69,824 – $150,078

The Top Ten Highest-Paid Twitch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: BBC

As the king of Just Chatting on Twitch, “KaiCenat” earns way over $100,000 thanks to the attention he receives on the platform.

Specifically, he has over 6.5 million hours watched in the past month exclusively on Just Chatting. While he also dabbles in some gaming, his fortune as one of the highest-paid streamers is consistently sourced from his Just Chatting.

Moreover, his massive Airtime is a contributing factor to his massive success – can he keep it up for the rest of the year?

2. Shlorox – $72,666 – $226,825

Image Credits: Twitch

Relatively new, Shlorox is the newest name in Twitch to rock the tables.

Moreover, he has the most gifted subs in 2024 by a mile, raking in over 83,966 gifted subs in just one month despite being new to the platform.

Catering to a German-speaking audience, he dabbles mainly in Just Chatting and Counter-Strike streams.

Can he keep up this incredible number of gift subs – we’re not sure.

1. Jynxzi – $171,018 – $274,110

Jynxzi Highest Paid Streamer
Credit: Jynxzi via Twitter (@jynxzi)

Since the start of last year, Jynxzi has steadily climbed the leaderboards on Twitch and has garnered immense popularity for a title rarely seen at this level – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Playing multiple other shooter titles, the streamer’s social media presence is also equally impressive and paired with his gift at playing shooter titles, there’s no telling what his true revenue could be through sponsorship deals.

What’s most impressive is that although he’s at the top, he has fewer hours watched than lower entries on this list of highest-paid Twitch streams.

In 2024, he’s amassed almost 100,000 subs within a month – that’s incredible!

Highest Paid Streamers – Honorable Mentions

While our updated list for 2024 may not feature some of the most established names on the platform, here’s where our Honorable Mentions section comes in.


Here are some top Twitch streamers that didn’t cut it, but are respectable as some of the all-time highest-paid Twitch streamers. These streamers are certainly making money beyond subscribers and bit and focusing on ads and sponsorships from brands willing to tap into their viewer base.

  • Ninja
  • Shroud
  • TimTheTatman – one of the best Call of Duty streamers
  • DrDisrespect
  • Summit1g – one of the best LoL streamers
  • Syndicate
  • Pokimane
  • DrLupo
  • Tfue
  • Myth

How are Streamers Paid on Twitch?

While the steaming industry and esports industry may be approached separately, they are definitely connected. Many esports events make use of ‘co-streaming’, where content creators are allowed to create watch parties and offer an alternative way of watching all the action.

In this regard, Twitch is the leading streaming platform for viewers and content creators. For content creators, monetization is a unique opportunity which involves four main sources of income for the highest-paid Twitch streamers:

  • Bits – Bits are used to Cheer a streamer. Each Bit produces $0.01 for the streamer.
  • Subscriptions – A subscriber pays a Twitch streamer per month to support the channel, either recurring or one-time basis, with multiple Tiers.
  • Ads – Running ads (this revenue is undisclosed)
  • Sponsorships – Promoting products (this revenue is undisclosed)

It’s essential to note that followers are not subscribers – viewers may choose to follow and not subscribe to a Twitch streamer. Also, statistics such as Bits and Subscriptions are public information which we may use to calculate the highest-paid Twitch streamers in 2024, while ads and sponsorships are typically unknown to the public.

Twitch streamers who garner enough popularity on the platform may earn the title of ‘Twitch Ambassador’.

Donating on Twitch is a unique transaction, where viewers have the opportunity to directly support their favourite streamers in a number of ways. You can check out our handy guide to how to donate on Twitch.

With the advent of other initiatives, such as Twitch Channel Points and even Twitch betting, there are even more ways for streamers and their viewers to interact with each other, all of which of course makes Twitch a hugely attractive platform, especially for the highest paid Twitch streamers.

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