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Published: Jun 1, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 1, 2024

Rainbow Six is one of the biggest FPS franchises in the world. The PC version of the game has mass appeal and a fully fledged esports scene. Rainbow Six Mobile is the young upcomer looking to build on the legacy of the bigger title on a whole new platform. With only a limited release Rainbow Six Siege Mobile maps are limited in selection, as developers Ubisoft are still testing things around.

Here’s all of the current maps available in the mobile version of R6.

Rainbow Six Mobile Maps
Credit: Ubisoft

All Rainbow Six Mobile Maps

At the time of writing, there’s only 4 maps in the mobile version of the game. Unfortunately, this is quite the drop off compared to the Rainbow Six Siege maps list featuring 22 maps. R6 Mobile also the smaller game, and since there’s only 4 to choose from, there’s no current map rotation so all 4 maps can get picked at any time.


The first alphabetically. This map appeared in the PC version of the game, getting a rework in Crystal Guard’s expansion. Bank has 3 floors and the exterior. The LA designed map is designed to be Defender sided due to the ease of reinforcement in the smaller rooms. You have 8 hatches on this map, and 4 defender objective locations for PVE. Bank appears in all the available playlists: Custom, Newcomer, Casual and Ranked. Standout is that as the sole newcomer map, players will become very accustomed to playing it.

Bank R6 Mobile
Credit: Ubisoft


Introduced in Operation Dust Line for R6S, this reworked version from Crimson Heist appears in the mobile version of the game. The rework mostly changed some of the cover spots while also decreasing the number of walls. Border is playable in Custom, Casual and Ranked playlists.

Rainbow Six Mobile Maps Border 1st Floor
Source | fandom


This map has been reworked twice for Siege, and appears in Rainbow Six Mobile with the Operation Para Bellum expansion. There are 7 hatches for use. This map is based on the German property owned by Hell’s Angels president Frank Hanebuth. Like Border, this map is playable in Custom, Casual and Ranked playlists.


Clubhouse Rainbow Six Mobile
Credit: Ubisoft


Oregon is ported entirely from the main game with its spread-out sweep and hold layout. Next to Clubhouse it’s one of the maps with most tactical depth and fairly balanced when playing from both sides. It was originally considered a very defender oriented map, but years of competitive play have given way for hard breach tactics and innovative ways to play the map as attackers.

Out of the entire lot, Oregon is the perfectly suited map for mobile play.

Oregon Rainbow Six Mobile
Credit: Ubisoft

Upcoming Maps in Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

The developers have stated that more maps will be coming to Rainbow Six Mobile once the “soft launch” concludes. Currently, the game is available only in limited Play Store countries and Ubisoft is mainly working on balancing performance, server stability and gameplay.

However, on several occasions devs have stated that all of the maps in Rainbow Six Siege will be eventually ported to mobile, once the game is working optimally. We will likely have to wait until 2025 for new maps to be added to the rotation.

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