Rainbow Six Siege Maps List: A Look at All R6 Competitive Maps

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Published: Mar 19, 2023 - Last Updated: Mar 22, 2024

Understanding the nuances of different Rainbow Six Siege maps is necessary for all fans of the game.

Let’s visit all R6 competitive maps and see how they’re played.

Competitive Rainbow Six Siege Maps

Here are all the competitive Rainbow Six Siege maps played in high-stakes, professional events. If you want to do some Rainbow Six betting, these are the maps that affect the odds and markets.



Image Credit: Ubisoft

Border takes place at an immigration checkpoint in the Middle East. It consists of two main buildings and an outside area with fences and shipping containers.

The map features a variety of vertical play opportunities, with multiple floors and destructible floors, walls, and ceilings. No other map rewards aggressive strategies better than Border, which is why it’s the favorite of some of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams in the league.

With a 48.03% Attacker win rate and 51.97% Defender win rate, Border provides a somewhat even playing field for both sides. To this day, seeing how different teams take the initiative here is part of what makes competitive R6 entertaining.



Image Credit: Ubisoft

Built as a luxurious mountain lodge in the French Alps, Chalet has an intricate, rich layout that encourages long-range and close-quarter combat. The Attackers and Defenders can set up strong positions in the objective room, basement, ground floor, and upper floors. Roaming around the various rooms and hallways is a great way to find an opening too.

The community calls Chalet the most balanced of all Rainbow Six Siege maps. Looking at the data, they’re right. It has a 49.6% Attacker win rate—just 0.4% shy of achieving perfect equality.

Chalet offers a dynamic and challenging gameplay experience for all without compromise. Simply S-Tier.



Image Credit: Ubisoft

A notorious motorcycle club’s headquarters in the American Southwest may seem like a dull idea for a map, yet Clubhouse’s gritty layout provides unique combat opportunities and approaches that can’t be found anywhere else.

From the main clubhouse to the bar area and garage, the map requires mastery of fundamental skills and strategic thinking. Many complain it’s too old and basic, but as the most picked map in the Six Invitational 2023 (SI), one of the most recent international Rainbow Six tournaments, the map is far from being outdated and irrelevant.

Unlike other R6 competitive maps, Clubhouse provides great gameplay not only for the pros but also for solo queuers and team stackers in ranked.



Image Credit: Ubisoft

Set in a modern city surrounded by high-rise buildings, Bank gives both Attackers and Defenders various plays and counterplays. The layout includes three floors with various entrances and exits, including rappel points on the building’s exterior.

Defenders have several options for setting up a defense. They can hold the basement vault, the open lobby, and the second-floor CEO’s office. Meanwhile, Attackers must navigate through these areas while being mindful of the numerous corridors and stairwells that provide flanking opportunities. In particular, the interior windows can be utilized for an advantage, whether a team is defending or making sure a site explodes.

Overall, Bank is among the most Defender-sided (52.37% Defender win rate) of all Rainbow Six Siege maps. The pressure on offense never fails to make for a nerve-wracking match.



Image Credit: Ubisoft

Many of the best Rainbow Six Siege players love Kafe. Even popcorn gamers do too. Here is a lavish café in Moscow, Russia, where vertical plays, spawn-peeking, and other cheesy strats can make all the difference right from the get-go.

The map features three floors, including the main café, the kitchen, and the top floor fireplace room. The numerous destructible floors and ceilings allow for unexpected angles and creative tactics that Defenders can exploit. The popular third-floor site, for instance, gives a commanding view of the entire map. For the attackers, effective and clever use of utilities is a must—or else they risk getting picked apart.

Overall, Kafe is a very balanced map that welcomes a myriad of strategies from all participants. Easily one of the best R6 competitive maps in the game.



Image Credit: Ubisoft

Located in an abandoned lumber mill in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Oregon emphasizes indoor and outdoor engagements. It’s known for its narrow corridors and tight angles, which provide ample opportunities for ambushes and sneaky maneuvers.

With Defenders potentially lurking in the corners, the attacking team must make cautious advances, especially through choke points such as the narrow staircase leading to the second floor.

Thanks to the rework, Oregon can now be played either passively or aggressively. It’s a well-made map that is the favorite of professional and ranked players alike.



Image Credit: Ubisoft

In terms of layout and design, Skyscraper stands out the most compared to other Pro League maps in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s built on a high-rise luxury hotel in Nagoya, Japan, too captivating of a place for guns, explosions, and all sorts of havoc.

The layout features a central open-air garden that separates two sides of the building, which, more often than not, creates a challenge for Attackers. As evidence, the Defender win rate of the map is outright biased: 61.3% in SI 2023 and 59.39% in competitive R6 in general.

Players can use rappels to gain access to the building’s exterior and create new entry points, while defenders turn to vertical plays and spawn-peeks for advantage.

Because sublime cooperation here is a top priority, Skyscraper is preferable to be played with a stack rather than solo.

Theme Park

theme park

Image Credit: Ubisoft

Theme Park is a derelict amusement park set in Hong Kong. These settings may seem bleak and uninspired, but the permutations of play present here (like roam clearing) are outstanding.

The map features two floors, including several themed rooms and attractions such as a haunted house and bumper cars. Defenders can decide to hold up in the bunk and bathroom areas or to roam and flank attackers through the maze of walls and bottlenecks.

Attackers often have a hard time breaking into bomb sites because of the favorable line of sights that Defenders can create for themselves. This is seen in the map’s statistics: a whopping 60.65% Defender win rate on 10,479 competitive R6 rounds and 59.1% in SI 2023.

Fortunately, Attackers have a much better chance in ranked, where Defender advantage isn’t as severe.



Image Credit: Ubisoft

A luxurious mansion located in the Italian countryside, Villa is one of the most picturesque of all R6 competitive maps. Its combination of spacious rooms, open balconies, and narrow corridors provide a variety of ways for Attackers and Defenders to strategize.

Attackers can use rappelling to gain access to the upper floors of the mansion, while defenders can vertically hold tight angles, get a kill, and leave unscathed. Granted, it’s not as much of a utility map anymore, which favors Defenders more than Attackers (56.81% Defender win rate in competitive R6). But all in all, Villa is a challenging map that demands in-synced cooperation and rewards those who can achieve it.

All Rainbow Six Siege Maps List

Rainbow Six Siege Maps FAQs

How many maps are in Rainbow Six Siege?

There are 22 Rainbow Six Siege maps in all modes.

How many maps are in Siege competitive?

There are 9 Pro League maps in Rainbow Six Siege: Border, Chalet, Clubhouse, Bank, Kafe, Oregon, Skyscraper, Theme Park, and Villa.

What is the biggest map in R6?

There are 22 Rainbow Six Siege maps in all modes.

How many maps are in Rainbow Six Siege?

In terms of area, Tower is the biggest map in R6.

What is the most banned map in Rainbow Six Siege?

Considering Ranked mode, Outback is the most banned map in Rainbow Six Siege.
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